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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SVH #125 Camp Killer

Theres a book that  goes in the middle but I dont have it, as per usual it gives us a recap. The guy Jessica likes is a jerkface but she still likes him and Nicole and Joey were hanging out but now Joey is back to cheating with Elizabeth. Seriously thats it. Anyway Joey retells the camp legend the only part thats different is that after the story ended there were a series of murdered hikers in the woods by the woodsmans house and now sometimes you can still here the woodsman chopping wood. Nicole sets out to be a jerkface scare Elizabeth by making her think the woodsman super hiker killer is out there chopping wood and waiting to kill her. A bunch of boring camp themed shannaigans happen then Jessica and one of her campers get kidnapped by a escaped killer but not the one from the legend. I know right? Anyways the kids all decide to go save them and screw it up but it works out as usual. I remeber loving this book but now I realize it's like 90% filler. Next up Jessica dates a vampire. Seriously.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweet Valley High #123 Elizabth's Rival

Elizabeth, Jessica, Winston, and Lila are junior counsolors at camp Echo Mountain. No seriously thats what it's called. The best part(for Elizabeth) is that Maria Slater from SVT is going to be a junior counsolor too. Naturally they are really excited to hang . Also Maria is moving back to Sweet Valley after this summer and she is bringing a friend to camp who she thinks will be great friends with Liz. Yeah um sure. A few books ago was the whole gang wars/surfing thing where Jessica's boyfriend dies so for the summer she has sworn of men. Very un-Jessica like but whatever, she's actually being human. Lila is ready for a summer of love. Winston is......not really in the book except for the casual mention. That makes me sad. So they get to camp and they unpack there stuff and Elizabeth decides that she is going to write the camp play and so she takes over the whole desk. I found this very assumptive and rude and Elizabeth. A fellow counselor comes in to unpack her stuff and takes over the desk and puts Elizabeth's stuff in a box. Also rude. I should be the manners police. I'm going to put that as my job on facebook. Maybe. Anyways Elizabeth finds Maria and she meets Maria's friend, the girl who took over the computer desk. Lame. Jessica's campers copy everything she does. Lila's campers mock her and are mean, she meets a guy who is obsessed with the outdoors and outdoor stuff. Elizabeth's campers hate her and never listen to her and they get the whole camp to call her 'Dizzy Lizzy'.  Everyone has a campfire one night and the camp owner tells everyone a 'true' scary story, This guy was weird or maybe a little disturbed its not really clear but he lived in the woods and worked at the camp, he fell in love with a counselor at the camp but the counselors are not allowed to do that stuff and the camp owner told them to quit it, the girl went to her room and cried for two days, the owner finally goes to see the poor girl after TWO DAYS and the girl is missing, all her stuff was still there too but the woodsman was also missing without taking his stuff. Elizabeth writes her camp play based on this and Nicole steals when Elizabeth is out with her campers. Elizabeth confronts her about it and Nicole admits to what happened but they are interrupted by a noise outside. Lila keeps pretending that she is outdoorsy for the guy she like and eventually they both admit that they are rich kids who hate camping. Jessica has a camper that videos everything and Jessica learns that Nicole confession is on one of the tapes and she plays it for everyone. Elizabeth is back in everyones good graces. Again.

SVH Magna Edition The Evil Twin

And because I'm so nice here is the inlet.

So it's Christmas time and the twins hate each other because of the whole Elizabeth killed Jessica's boyfriend but it wasn't her fault thing. Seriously Wikipedia it. The twins are fighting because Jessica tricked Elizabeth and Todd into breaking up and then she went out with him. So this crazy chick Margo who looks like the twins is running around pretending to be them and plotting to kill Elizabeth and take over her life. Seriously she wants to be Elizabeth. I thought about it though and she can take over being Elizabeth and slowly make her more cool, or she can take over being Jessica and be stuck listening to Liz FOREVER. I think she made the right choice. She has this guy James working for her, spying on the twins and dating Jessica. I love this book but it's got a ton of filler. Basically what happens it at Lila's new years party Margo tricks Elizabeth into going out to the pool house and tries to kill her but Jessica saves Liz and Margo falls through the glass window and dies.

Friday, October 22, 2010

SVT Super Chiller The Ghost in the Bell Tower

The twins and there cousins Robin and Stacy are going to there never before mentioned aunts house to help her clean up and restore an old inn that she inherited. So they spend most of the time playing tricks on each other and denying it so naturally the ghost gets away with some tricks because everyone denies that they played any tricks so everyone basically thinks it's everyone else playing tricks on them. It's lame.  The mystery is that the woman who used to own the inn loved this guy but her dad was making her marry someone else and the guy she love rang the bell as she was about to marry the other guy he died in the bell tower. So they clean out the attic to get to the bell tower and then they ring the bell and the ghost is gone. 

SVT Super Chiller The Haunted Burial Ground

This book is sooo not as good as I remember it but it's close to Halloween so I just went with it. So Elizabeth is working for knock off Habitat for Humanity to build a clubhouse for some nature scouts or some crap, it's really preachy and annoying, we get it Liz does things out of the goodness of her heart. Also theres a new girl who is conveniently moving next month. I like that they actually took the time to say that she would be a one book wonder. Jessica wants to have a Halloween party. The girls convience Lila's dad to let them use an old shack for there party and if they clean it up the nature scouts get to use it for there club house after the party is over. The next hundred pages are everyone cleaning the club house and getting scared by ghosts. They figure out that it was a burial ground and that the ghost wants them to leave it alone. Done with boring book.

Monday, October 18, 2010

SVU Thriller Edition Kiss of the Vampire

Scary Banister! Yeah but I didn't have anything else to say......
So Elizabeth and Tom have entered a contest to stay with and write an article for the famous journalist Nicolas Des Perdu, and conveniently right now is when they are opening the envelopes to see who won. Shock! It's Tom. Yes Elizabeth did not win. Seriously. Squee.  So Liz takes Tom to the airport a few days later and yeah.  Meanwhile Jessica is trying to get this room in the theta house but head jerkface Alison Quinn wants it but Jessica gives it up after Alison almost gets murdered there by a stranger(Nicolas Des Perdu).  Tom has an unpleasant trip because the maid tries to sleep with him basically, and Nicolas freaks out when he see Elizabeth's picture and has a flash back(basically he's from back in the day and he had a young wife who looked just like Elizabeth and he went off to wore and someone told them that he died and she killed herself but it was a mistake and he was still alive, he got depressed and a sexy vampire turned him into a vampire). and he comes back. After Tom is back for a few days Nicolas shows up when Elizabeth is working at the tv station to talk about Tom and how Nicolas wants to give him this surprise award and how Elizabeth cant tell him because it's a surprise. Uh yeah ok. So they hang out a ton and basically start dating. It's creepy. Elizabeth starts sleepwalking and stuff so everyone is worried about her. Tom thinks he sees Nicolas in Sweet Valley and soon enough he realizes that Nicolas is there and that he is a vampire. But Nicolas has already convinced Elizabeth to go with him home to New Orleans. Tom and Jessica get there a day later and save him from turning her into a vampire but he gets away. Elizabeth is ok and all is well.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to dress like a Wakefield

Inspired by this lovely post. Go no go check it out, I'll wait. Ok how to dress like a Wakefield in He's Watching You.


Black and white striped tank top, H&M $10

Silvery hoop earrings $40
Look of boredom priceless


Red Sweater $35 Tom can also get one to match for $35

Gold-like necklace $40
Look of wondering "Did I leave the stove on?" Priceless

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SVH Thriller Murder in Paradise Mini recap

Why is Lila pointing at her boob? Anyway moving on, Enid thinks George is going to leave her for someone prettier and so she has developed body image issues. I blame the media blamers, and the Wakefield twins. So the twins and their mom, Lila and Grace(her mom), and Enid(without mom) are all on a spa trip that Alice won in a random contest from the phonebook. Suspicious. Anyway Enids mom is soo busy with her job or whatever that she can't go because she is busy. Enid gets all sad. They get to the spa and meet the weird owner that Alice thinks she knows from somewhere but can't figure it out. Foreshadowing much? The weird lady owner person shes she had a special hair treatment for redheads that she can give Enid. She goes with her and she gets all creepy and basically starts brainwashing her into thinking she is ugly. Later she has a special treatment for freakles, she basically just keeps brainwashing her and getting her into hating the twins and other beautiful people. Elizabeth meets a girl that works there and learns that she ran away from home and that the employees just work there for room and board and arn't allowed to leave without permission. Ned EMAILS Elizabeth that he remembers the creepy owner as a girl at SVU when they went there who was teased beause she was ugly and was a science major who was in a experiment accident and got acid on her face. Basically she is bitter and out to get Alice. Elizabeth goes to find her but she has been kidnapped by the evil owner lady and they have to go find her in a secret lab building. They get there and evil lab lady has brainwashed Enid into helping her STEAL ALICE'S FACE. I'm serious. She is trying to transplant Alice's face onto hers. Really. Anyways Enid folds and helps Elizabeth save Alice. Everyone learns a lession about true beauty. Haha just kidding.  The end.

Side notes:
Jessica falls in love for the 137th time
Elizabeth cheats on Todd also for the 137th time
It's funny how Enid is so ugly because of her red hair but tons of women dye there hair red

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thriller Edition like three or something...Running for her life

I return......

I'm sorry but Elizabeth looks like shes gonna throw up....this should be good.

So Elizabeth and Tom are at the movies and they helpfully tell us all about Julia Reynolds and Matt Barron......yeah that does not sound familiar right?!? Anyways they are getting married next week and when they are on the set and she has to do a scene where she jumps from a window onto a blow up mattress thing. But something has to happen so she jumps before it's ready and dies. We get all these stupid scenes from the hitmans point of view. Jessica is devastated about Julias death. It's weird to me how obsessed she gets about it but people do get that way. Anyways she is talking to Elizabeth about how she knows it wasn't a suicide, I would normally call shenanigans but we heard it from the hitman so whatev, anyways Elizabeth comes up with this stupid theory about how its all a big lie and basically lucks out with knowing EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED, WITHOUT BEING THERE. HOW FREAKING CONVENIENT. Lame sauce. So she uses it for a paper for school and the teacher likes it and has a friend at a magazine and convenient stuff so they want to publish it. Elizabeth goes to see her and on her way in she see a package left outside her door and so she brings it in. Suprize it's a freaking bomb. The teacher dies but Elizabeth is just freaking fine. Elizabeth is all sad and at the police office she tells the officer about her paper and says she thinks the teacher was killed for it. The cop seriously laughs at  her. Jerkface! I don't like her either but at least I just put mean stuff about her on the internets and not say it to her face! HA! As you maaayyyy or may not have noticed.......I've had some sugar. Anyways then the chick from the magazine that was going to publish Elizabeth's paper gets shot and killed. We already know that the hitman is the one who killed her. The hitman is ordered to kill Elizabeth and instead he almost kills Jess so they go on the run from him. Wait could they/she be Running for her life? Yeah I went they and they actually said the title in the book too...........So that's why I have to be Superman 4: the quest for peace, Family guy for the win. Anyway Matt Baron teams up with them to catch this guy and they find out that the next target is going to be this girl who left the film company for another one. Seriously thats why he's killing them all, because they left for a rival company. Okay then, Jess gets a job as an extra on the set and is out to warn her but the girl gets Jess thrown off the set because she is too pretty and will upstage her. Seriously. So she doesn't get to warn her. Later she gets killed. Lame. The next one is supposed to be a actor when he is accepting his reward at an event. Lame they save him and the guy gets caught. Matt has fallen in love with Jess even though his fiance died like a week ago.........I don't really like him. He decides to quit acting and like travel or whatev. Now how lame was that?!? Glad to be back SVU

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SVU #21 For the Love of Ryan

A very summery book! This book is 90% filler so.... yeah just a warning. So the book opens with a helpful telling of what you can figure out from the cover. The twins are suddenly lifeguards and there is a new character named Ryan. Ok now that we are all up to speed. lol. We also learn that Winston and Nina are also lifeguards and they are all sharing a beach house. So basically the 'main plot' aka 'the most boring plot ever' is that the is rival lifeguard squads. Yeah you read that right. There isnt really any wacky hijinks they just hate each other. The next day everyone goes down to the beach for training for tryouts, yes all these people rented an expensive beach house and stuff without even knowing if they have the job. But this is Sweet Valley. Here we meet Ryan. Ryan is hot..... and insufferable. Elizabeth keeps screwing up and Ryan freaks out on her and everyone makes a big deal out of it. I would like to see Elizabeth work retail. Winston isnt the best swimmer and he might not make the squad and if he doesnt he wont be able to make his share of the rent. He sets up a tour of famous peoples houses and makes most of his share. But some of the people on the tour ruin someones lawn so the cops shut down his tour thing. Wow that sounded stupid. Jessica does a whole bunch of stupid stuff to get Ryan to like her, but he is sooo torchered and emo he just cant get too attached. Whiny loser. Another loser Ben likes Jessica and they hang out and stuff even thought she hates him and is really really mean to him.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Exciting update!

They are all grown up! Sweet Valley Confidential is now set to be released on March 29 2011. You can go to the website to sign up to be a 'Super Fan' and it will send you an email with the first chapter. I'm not going to post any spoilers right now but it's pretty sweet and not at all what I expected. I have been emailing back and forth with someone from St. Martins Press about giveaways and stuff so I'm pretty excited for that.  You can also follow SVC on Twitter here. You can follow SVC on Facebook here. And the offical website is here, that is also where you sign up to be a Super Fan.  Thanks for reading

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sweet Valley Twins Super Chiller #6 The Curse of the Golden Heart

I think I might have to stop being so lazy and start scanning covers myself. I apologize for rebelling against my overachieving upbringing by being so lazy. Side note, I know this is another random recap but it's not like I lost this book before I got the chance to recap it or anything. I found it now though so everything is good.

We open with everyone chilling at the beach and poisoning their bodies with junk food. The twins leave their friends to chill and sun bathe while they go off to snorkel. Yeah the cover sorta happens. Except on the cover they are scuba diving and Jessica is not there when this happens and you can't tell what it is because it's covered in barnacles. But I digress. Made of win ghostwriters/artists. They go to a shady part of the beach because they haven't dived their before and it's a dive. Lol. Lame jokes aside they dive and Elizabeth finds some stuff and among the stuff is; an old ceramic cup handle. a antique fishing rod handle, and a chain with something on it encrusted with barnacles. Wow like what could it be? Elizabeth sees a shipwreck. Admittedly bad ass. So then there is a riptide or some convenient crap and Elizabeth gets cranky that Jessica wandered away from her when they were diving. They get to the pier and they see a newly invented neighbor a neighbor that they totally always had. Could this plot contrivance be important later? I freaking think so. They agree not to tell their friends about the shipwreck. They go back and brag about going to the seedy pier. Steven and Joe have a flyer that advertises scuba lessons. All their parents agree to let them take lessons and rent scuba equipment. Except Lila whose father is going out of town for a few weeks so he buys her all of the stuff she needs including a purple wetsuit.

The next day the twins each get a spooky chain letter about how something needs to be returned to Carlotta (the writer of the letter). Like what? Oh yeah never mind.  So Jessica decides to send her letters out and Elizabeth decides not to. Jessica decides to send them to members of the Unicorn Club, because that's how you keep lifelong friends folks. Lila decides not to send hers out because her dad's secretary is on vacation. This will be important later but don't stress, the book reminds you like a thousand times. She sends them to Steven and Joe. Score! I'm sorry you will have to excuse me I'm a younger sibling so I'm all for revenge on older siblings, no matter how lame the revenge may be.

That night Elizabeth has a dream about Carlotta and her lover on the sinking ship. It's all sad and stuffs. Jessica is really sweet and wakes Elizabeth up from her nightmare. She is all creeped out by her nightmare and being in the dark and all. It's sad.

The next morning everyone is at the beach waiting for Joshua, he is late and everyone is getting impatient. So Elizabeth goes to the seedy pier to look for him at his shop BY HERSELF. I had to get through about thirty pages of how bad that pier is. So why is she wandering off by herself? Why do I continuously question this stuff? How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie pop? These and more next time on Sweet Valley Twins. I mean nothing. Anyways she goes over to the shack and knocks, no one answers so she goes over to the window and sees someone in a scuba suit with their back turned to her, she assumes it's Joshua goes inside. She taps him on the shoulder and he turns around, but theres no face in the mask, then it goes limp and falls on the floor. She is about to totally freak out when Joshua shows up at the door and asks if the group is ready

Next Jessica and Lila are chilling at Lila's house and Lila has quiet the run of bad luck, she breaks a nail really low where its still alive and all ouchy, she gets ink in her eye, she trips on her nightgown and rips it and falls on her face. She finally decides to send out the chain letters but doesn't want to write them so she decides to print them off the computer.  They mess it up and Lila gets in trouble because it emails the letter to EVERYONE involved with Fowler Enterprises or whatever. They make the computer with it's "electronic mail" sound very sci fy. Anyways now Lila is convinced that she is cursed. So she just writes out the letter and doesn't have any more bad luck. Yay the end! No wait theres other people besides Lila. Darn.

The next day they are all scuba diving and Elizabeth wants to go to shore so she goes to tell Joshua this and she again sees that he doesn't have a face. She screams and blacks out. Shes ok though and her parents take her home.  Lila comes over and trys to get Elizabeth to send out the letter but she won't. Elizabeth gets another letter and shes really starting to freak out. She accuses Steven and Jessica but remains unconvinced. That night Elizabeth has another dream and it seems that the watch person on the ship was slacking off and went to go do something and the ship crashed into a boulder or whatever. On a side note the word spooky is in this book like a million times. Grr.

Elizabeth and Steven are a little on the outs because of the whole Elizabeth freaking out and accusing Steven of sending the letters, but the writer makes Steven look like the bad guy. He didn't actually do anything though but ok, why am I complaining he's not my favorite.  Lila comes over and tells Elizabeth she should "audio mail" her letters by reading them on to tapes and mailing them. Lol. She gets the tape deck ready while Elizabeth unwraps the tape. They try to record but the tape screeches out "curse of Carlotta". Elizabeth is full convinced that Lila rigged the tape but then she remembers that she unwrapped it. She is all scared and mad so she smashes the tape with her foot and runs off to her room.

The next day they are all at the beach and Joshua is late so Joe goes to his shack to see if he is there. Theres a note on the door that something came up and he wont be there until after two and to meet him at the regular spot then. They all decide to have lunch early on the beach. Janet forgot her lunch so they all give her something from their lunches, Elizabeth gives her a sandwich and as she starts to unwrap it Steven freaks out and swats her arm and tells them all to jump back. They all see it was a scorpion on Janet's arm and it came from the wrapper on Elizabeth's sandwich. They decide it must have crawled in there because it was on it's side. Joshua finally gets there a little bit later and they all get ready to go scuba diving and Elizabeth is scared because the noise the wind is making is freaking her out so without saying anything she takes off running and Jessica runs after her but Elizabeth got a head start and Jessica misses the bus Elizabeth got on. Later when Jessica finally gets home Elizabeth tells her about the faceless Joshua. Jessica thinks she was hallucinating.  Suddenly the doorbell rings and it's a guy named John Filber, he works for a company associated with Fowler Enterprises so he got a copy of the chain letter and wants to meet them at the pier the next day to talk about the chain letter. Stupidly they agree.

The next day they go to meet him at the pier and he shows them something shiny in the water and says that his dad showed it to him and his dad showed it to him and so on, and that it has something to do with his family and that hes not supposed to go after it, because apparently anyone in his family who goes after it will be "cursed by Carlotta" . He creeps me out.

The next day the kiddos are having a beach bonfire and for whatever reason Joshua is there and he conveniently tells the story about Carlotta and Red Beard. They were in love and the guy who was supposed to be on the lookout was slacking and screwed it up for the lovebirds:(  What a jerkface.  It's also conveniently mentioned that they had a family locket that they took apart and they each wore half around there necks, and on the back of the locket is a map to some awesome treasure or whatever. Elizabeth goes to the library and as she is leaving is scared by Steven who is following her for her protection(I could be wrong but when your guarding someone you should probably tell them)he lets her know that John Filber has been following her.

Elizabeth gets another letter from Carlotta and it basically says not to be scared and that if she reunites the two pieces she will get a great treasure or whatever. Elizabeth finally figures out that under the barnacles she found it's half of the heart. Some detective.

So they go to the pier and get the shiny thing that we all know is the other half of the heart.  They get it out and John Filber shows up to steal it for the treasure map. It slips out of Elizabeth's hands in the struggle and it drops in the ocean and they run away. All is at peace now and what not. But there is no real resolution. Joshua is gone and maybe he was a ghost maybe not.

On a side note it's mentioned that Mr. Wakefield picked the kids up in the "family van"?? Since when do they have a van? I don't know maybe I'm just making stuff up and they always had a van.

Monday, May 24, 2010

SVU #7 Good-bye to love

This awesome classic opens with Lila lounging by the pool about to call Jessica when her husband arrives home and gives her a diamond necklace. It's a sweet short scene.

Jessica is in her room>gasp

Steven is helpfully recaping the last few books chatting with Billie about Mike. Billie is really tired of Steven whining so much and being so cranky and nonfunctional about Mike. Mike has decided it's somehow Steven's fault all of this happened. Sure. H8 Mike so much. Steven gets home and Billie is not there.

Next theres a super important scene where Jessica and Elizabeth recap the last few books plots involving them. We do learn a few new things though, Celine got the smallest punishment ever for helping try to kill Elizabeth(given she did save Elizabeth but she still did a whole bunch of other crap she shouldn't get away with)Celine has to work in the lunch room as punishment. Wouldn't that just make it easier to poison everyone? William is in an asylum. For some unnamed reason Peter Wilborne got away with no punishment at all. Jessica's annulment is almost final. Todd is still bugging Elizabeth. Really? Get a clue! Do we need a H8 Todd club? Bruce Patman inherited a shitload of money from an uncle or something. Grrrr. Tom and Elizabeth are getting along very well. Jessica agrees to meet Elizabeth for dinner in the lunch room.

Next is a really sad scene. Lila is on the beach and her husband is jet skiing. Something is wrong with the jet ski and it explodes and he dies. It's so freaking sad. I loved Lila and her husband, it was a way more deserving of a spin off than Elizabeth.

On to Nina and Bryan. Can we please just through them one good plot? No? Fine. Nina can't make it to the next Black Students Union meeting because she has a very important physics test. This makes Bryan cranky. He doesn't understand why the test is so important. Um ok then. If she flunks out she wont be able to be in the Black Students Union because well it's for students. To be honest it's odd reading about them because it's practically highlighted in every paragraph that they are african american. I honestly wonder how the ghostwriter got away with it.

Lunch time. Elizabeth and Tom are in line and Elizabeth still on her diet but slimming down get a bowl of cottage cheese, a peach(to slice on the cottage cheese),and a small wilted green salad. They notice Todd and Alex sitting at a table together. Elizabeth and Tom sit at an empty table and start eating lunch. Todd conveniently comes over to ''borrow some ketchup''. Sure Todd. Tom tells him to get one from another table. Elizabeth gives him the ketchup and he takes it back to his table with Alex. Elizabeth sees Jessica sitting with Isabella and some of the Thetas and realizes she was supposed to have dinner with her. Sorry it's not lunch time, it's dinner time. A few tables over Todd and Alex talk about how life sucks and the people they used to love don't love them now. It's lame. I sense pity sex.

Jessica and Isabella are walking along campus. Isabella is going with Danny to a cafe where they serve FORTY different kinds of tea. Sign me up. They chat about dinner the night before and Isabella tells her that she's not sure that Jessica can ever be a Theta because of her 'social track record' at SVU. Danny finds them and Isabella has to leave, Jessica asks if she wants to eat together tonight and Isabella says she has a Theta dinner. Jessica realizes that everyone but her has places to go and things to do. So thinks that she could go and see Mike but she decides against it. She decides to go for a drive.

William White's lawyer basically basically tells him to pled insane because he can go to a high class psychiatric hospital rather than go to prison.

Elizabeth and Tom taking a study break and they are making out. Elizabeth is freakishly surprised that kissing Tom feels so good, and that it turns her on. I find this funny because she made out with like ninety guys in SVH, but whatev. The phone rings and she says she has to answer it because of all the stuff thats been going on with Jessica. She answers it and it's Todd. He's all needy and wants her to start working on the story and she says she will and to go away  that she will call him later. Tom gets all jealous and Elizabeth tells him that she has to practice the poem she has to read for her english class. As she is practicing someone slips a note under the door. They go to see who it was but of course they ran away. It's a note that says ''You are mine''. Instead of doing something about this they think it's from Todd. Elizabeth wonders where he was calling from when he called because he lives all the way across campus, if he was calling from home how did he have the time to get over there and put the note under her door?

Lila is coming back to Sweet Valley!
Lila is coming back to Sweet Valley!
Lila is coming back to Sweet Valley!
Lila is coming back to Sweet Valley!
Lila is coming back to Sweet Valley!
Lila is coming back to Sweet Valley!
Lila is coming back to Sweet Valley!
Lila is coming back to Sweet Valley!
Unadulterated awesomeness is about to arrive!
The Theta girls love Lila but Jessica gets a little left out. Allison tells Lila in private that Jessica might get to re-pledge if and only if Lila pledges. Lila is missing her husband and feeling like she doesn't belong at SVU. She has an awkward first day but things get a little better.

Todd and Alex wake up after being drunk the night before and think they slept together. Did they or didn't they? DUN DUN DUN! Yeah I don't care either but I digress.

Steven misses Billie. Billie eventually moves back in. It's lame and a half.

Denise and Bruce go out on a date for no apparent reason. Winston is jealous.

Celine is the one messing with Elizabeth and leaving her notes and all. She gets Elizabeth's neighbor to think that she likes him and he leaves an invite on her door to his cello concert. She goes with Tom and the guy dedicates a song to her and embarrasses her. It's actually quiet clever of Celine I must say.

Elizabeth and Tom one week anniversary is the night Elizabeth is supposed to read this poem for a class. She buys Jessica three dresses so she will pretend to be her and read the poem that night. She does and she meets James Montgomery. Foreshadowing insues! Elizabeth and Tom have a moonlight picnic. Then they go back to his place and don't have sex.

William escapes and plans to go to Elizabeth.

Mike and Steven are trapped in Mike's apartment with a gas leak.

Friday, May 14, 2010

SV #85 Elizabeth the seventh-grader.......Wait what?

For no aparent reason a random Sweet Valley Twins recap. Sorry this is the best image Bing could come up with but you get the idea. So on to the recap.

While they are having dinner on Monday night Jessica asks Elizabeth if she wants to go to the mall later and Elizabeth is all distracted like and helpfully tells us that they are eating alone tonight because their parents are at a meeting with Elizabeth's teacher and they have no idea what it's about. Elizabeth is worried that she will get kicked out of school for failing everything. Well she's not Karen from Mean Girls so I'm guessing that wont happen.

If you haven't seen it she's a mouse. Or just slow depending on how your looking at it.

So Ned and Alice get home and tell Elizabeth that she's doing so well in school that her teachers suggest she skip a grade. Yeah that's right title has actual relevence to what happens in the book. So the next morning the twins chat as they walk to school. Jessica is upset that Tom McKay's party is only going to be for seventh and eighth graders. So basically she's just mad she didn't get invited.

That night at dinner Elizabeth tells Steven and Jessica that she is going to be in the seventh grade. Jessica is all upset that she can't cheat off Elizabeth anymore they won't be able to ''study'' together anymore. Later Steven tells Jessica to pretend she thinks it's great so Elizabeth will realize by herself that it sucks. Ok then.

Elizabeth tells Amy about moving to seventh grade. Amy is excited for her but she will miss her. Elizabeth can't work on the sixth grade paper anymore so Amy is elected the editor. I'm not sure Amy can tie her shoes by herself.....so is this really a good idea? She also wont be able to go on the sixth grade camping trip. Jessica hangs out with Elizabeth's friends to plan the trip and to annoy her.

Elizabeth has alot of seventh grade work to catch up on and stuff so she really busy but  manages to do really well with her school work. She tries really hard to fit into the social scene but you can tell the other girls arnt buying it. Everyone keeps talking about Tom McKay's up coming party and Jessica and Steven really try to psych her out about how ''wild''  seventh grade parties are. I wasn't popular in school so I don't really know but I'm pretty sure it will be lame and a  half.

So she goes to the party all psyched out about how crazy it will be and it's pretty lame. They play spin the bottle and Elizabeth doesn't understand the game and she has to go first and when she learns she has to kiss Bruce she wants to leave and her friend Mary I think helps to bail her out saying they have to leave.

Elizabeth tells Jessica that the party was great but later Jessica finds out what happened. The next day at school some of the girls from the party tell Elizabeth that since she didn't kiss Bruce at the party she has to kiss Bruce at school in front of everyone on Friday.

Elizabeth gets crazy psyched out about it and she almost kisses him but then doesn't. Jessica leaves for the camping trip and Elizabeth plans on moping around the house until Alice asks her to run an errand. Surprise they get to the camping spot and they all welcome Elizabeth back to sixth grade. Alice and Elizabeth's teacher tell her that they didn't realize she was not fitting in socially. Everyone is happy and all is well.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

SVU #6 The love of her life

Elizabeth and Tom everyone....

I have returned. So....insert excuse. So here is some randomly generated(totally made up) excuses of why I've been gone, not that too many people read this. Ok here it goes.
1. My husband had to go and have a tooth abesess then get it pulled, and yours truly took care of him.
2. I've discovered public transportation. And been all over town and still did nothing.
3. I've been partying and doing other fun stuff.
4. I'm growing out my hair and it takes a lot of time. Seriously. Kinda.
5. I've been planning my second honeymoon.

Ok so all of those but number three are true. But whatever. On to the book.

So we finally find out who got shot. But not yet. We get a helpful recap of the end of the last book basically. Then a few scenes later we learn that it was Mike that got shot.

Cut to Elizabeth and William, we get yet another recap of the last scene of the last book where Elizabeth finds the secret society book, William tells her that it's his honor student log for meeting times but the attack is in the schedule. She goes to put it back and a silver bookmark with a broken star falls out. In case your not smarter than a fifth grader, it's William. Yep. I'm not doubting your intelligence, I'm just saying we have to hear how Liz is the smart twin all the time yet she just figured it out.

I'm going to just brief you on the Todd plot now,  because it's drug out and lame. He and Mark Gathers finally meet with the dean and Mark is just done at SVU and leaves Alex to go find himself or whatever. Todd can't play with the team this year but he can practice with the team and play next year. The university isn't going to do anything about the people from SVU who gave them the bribes so Liz says she will help him with that. Todd becomes infatuated with Elizabeth again. Oh Todd. I'm not going to lie, when I was younger reading these books I thought Todd was soo cool. Now he's just really annoying to me. Especially in the university ones.

So remember from the last one that Denise Waters and Winston went to the ball? So now they kiss and are all cute. It's really sweet. Winston is all nervous about losing his virginity. Denise is really sweet about it and tells him they should just take things slow. Take some notes Todd! Hey I don't see you writing anything! Get to work Todd!

Steven is in jail and he doesn't know who actually pulled the trigger. They get him out and many prison jokes insue. Mike is in intensive care and occasionally wakes to ask for Jessica, they don't know if he will make it or not. Jessica won't go to see Mike even after his mother calls her and she promises. She basically just decides to go through the motions of life. Pretty normal for someone going through trauma but they make it sound really creepy.

William spent the whole night with Celine in their room waiting for Elizabeth. She comes home and sees them together and thinks that they are dating or whatever. William tries to convince Elizabeth that Tom is the leader and he is not involved at all. Yeah um, William, that ship freaking sailed a long time ago.  Elizabeth and Tom apparently have a death wish and they decide to do a segment the same day on the secret society, using Tom's experience as the high light. This is not smart. I think I need a new tag...''This is where normal people would die''. William threatens them to shut up about the secret society stuff. He doesn't yet know that they are doing a piece on it(this will be important later), and somehow them being threatened makes them want to do the piece more.

Jessica goes to see Mike. She decides she should stay with him because he is her husband. Yeah...um...ok.....whatever Jessica. I'm not even gonna go off on you.  Mike tells her that the shooting was his fault and that he was the one that pulled the trigger. He also says that he will tell the judge that. The doctors tell Jessica that he will probably be ok but he might not ever walk again. When we get past the filler parts Mike doesn't hold his end of the bargain, but then Jessica yells at him in front of the whole courtroom, so he tells the judge it was him. The sentence for some odd reason is that Steven has to help take care of Mike for like six months.

I'm not going to lie, like half of this book is boring filler. So here is the rest Elizabeth gets adult-napped by the secret society and Celine. Tom figures out where they are and kinda saves her but it's mostly Celine who suddenly gets a moral and saves her. Don't worry, it's not as exciting as it sounds. Also we learn that Lila is enjoying married life but she spends alot of time alone when her husband is away and she gets lonely.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SVU #5 A married woman

See how different they are yet the same, see one wares sleeves.

So we left off with Mike having freaked out and trashed the apartment and Elizabeth trying to get Jessica to leave with her, and Jessica finally telling Liz that she got married. So the book starts out with Elizabeth being a good sister and having stayed with Jessica and is now making her coffee. She again tries to talk Jessica into leaving with her. She refuses and says that she has to solve it herself. I would be concerned that the next time Jessica left the apartment would be in a body bag, but you can't help someone who doesn't want help.

Winston, Denise, and Winston's parents are all out having lunch at the resturant that Jessica works at(she called in sick). It's really quiet awkward with Denise pretending to be his girlfriend and his parents asking about when Denise wants to have children, Winston's mom kindly tells us that it's never too early to start talking about it because it can sneak up on you, also that Winston snuck up on them. Charming. I would love to see this woman at a dinner party. Hee.

Jessica is calling in sick and she gets fired, then to top off this great morning Mike comes back and begs Jessica to take him back. First there was Team Edward, then Team Jacob, now Team Hate Mike. Should we make it H8 Mike?

Elizabeth and Nina are having breakfast in Nina's room and Elizabeth tells her about Jessica getting married.

Jessica is making Mike breakfast and listening to a radio show about how to make your marriage work. Mike comes in and says that they should have Elizabeth and Steven over for dinner.

Tom had gone to Elizabeth's dorm for something the night that she was with Jessica and when he got there Celine said she must still be out with William. Tom is worried the secret society has gotten too her and wants to make sure that she is ok. He keeps trying to find her but keeps missing her but a few minutes. It's kinda sweet, a little obsessed.

Jessica is in the car that Mike is working on and she is pretending to be reading cooking magazines to pick a menu for when Elizabeth and Steven come over for dinner, but really she is reading women's magazines for advice on how to make things good with Mike.

Elizabeth is having lunch with Nina and Bryan and they talk about the attack and Elizabeth tells them that she thinks Mike is the leader of the secret society. Because that is the most logical person it could be. She catches Tom's glance across the room. He is sitting with Celine and she is mad that William is staring at Elizabeth. Celine makes it sound like Elizabeth is out having fun all the time. William goes over and sits and talks with Elizabeth, Nina, and Bryan. Then Tom comes up and Elizabeth asks if he wants to sit down. William basically says not too because Tom must be busy. William = Mr.Rude. Tom says that he probably should be going and that he will talk to her later.

William and Elizabeth go out on a date for Italian food. Elizabeth shares her theory about Mike being the head of the secret society and William thinks that it's plausable. After their date Elizabeth goes to Tom's dorm and Isabella opens the door. She invite Elizabeth in and explains that Danny just stepped out to get pizza and that she is welcome to join them and wait for Tom. She comes in just to write him a not and Isabella mentions something about how Tom used to be and how mysterious he is. This gives Elizabeth an idea and she starts to go through the micro filch at the library and learns that Tom used to be a wild football player and that was totally self obsorbed.

Steven is out somewhere when he sees Mike and decides to follow him? Hopefully to a psych ward. He follows him and Mike sees him without realizing that he was following him. Mike says he didn't have to go all the way down there just to say that they can come to dinner on Friday. Steven says that even if he was invited he would not come.

Mike is mad that Steven wasn't invited and that he still doesn't know that they are married. So Jessica actually invites Elizabeth over.

Elizabeth tells Tom all about her theory that Mike is the leader of the secret society. Tom doesn't think that he is, so Elizabeth invites him to dinner at Jessica and Mike's and says that that way he will see how Mike is.

Mike takes Jessica out to a fancy resturant and she feels bad because she thinks he feels more comfortable in a diner. He order a beer and when they bring it to him he asks the mean waiter to take it back because he doesn't drink beer from a glass.

Tom is chilling with Danny at the campus cafeteria when Celine comes over to him. I find Celine an unlikely character to incounter in real life because someone would have already killed her. No way she would live to eighteen or however old she is supposed to be. Tom want info about the secret society from her so the hang out. He actually gets some useful info out of her.

Winston and Elizabeth hang out at lunch and they talk about Winston asking out Denise. Later he is practicing what to say and Denise knocks on the door and asks him to the upccoming whatever ball. Nifty shifty.

Jessica is at the store and buys a whole bunch of stuff for the dinner party, then gets home and we have a charming scene detailing how Jessica can just not cook. Like not at all. She sets the chicken on fire and Mike gets home just then and helps her put out the fire. They call a Tex-Mex place and lie about it. Hee.

The dinner party is great and all goes well. Mike is dare I say it? Nice. He and Tom bond quiet a bit and have a common interest in jazz music and motor cycles. Lame sauce. I wanted Tom to be in our H8T Mike club!

Todd talks with Elizabeth about how he is not mad at her for the sports scandal and how he needs help because they are only investigating him and Mark and no one else is going down with them. Lol. He is soo going to get beat up.

Elizabeth comes home to Tom in her room and Celine is gone. He shows her the broken star ring and she thinks he is telling her that he is the leader of the secret society. Where would she get an idea like that? Not from someone who has told you he is for the last four books! Anyways he explains that he is not the leader but back when he was Wildman Watts he used to be a member. Elizabeth goes to the ball with William. Tom figures out that it's William. Yes I said it it's William. Seriously it's written really obviously. Like so obvious this book could be called 'You can skip this one it's William and Jessica's husband is a jerk'. By the time Tom figures it out Elizabeth is with William at his house and finds a secret society book

Jessica and Mike are coming home and they are in the parking lot of their apartment and Steven sees them and they all are arguing. Mike says something about Jessica being his wife and she runs off. She goes and spends the night at Isabella's dorm. She makes up with Mike and goes back to him. Jessica later finds a gun in Mike stuff and realizes she doesn't really know him and she doesn't want to be with him. As she is leaving him to tries to make her stay by grabbing her and she gets to Steven's apartment and Mike shows up a second later with the gun. For a second I wondered why she didn't take the bullets when she found the gun but then I remembered that she would probably accidentily shoot herself when she tried to take the clip out. Steven and Mike struggle over the gun and a shot is fired. Billie dials 911 and thats the end. Next recap up soon:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

SVU #4 Anything for love

Wow remember when flannel made you cool? Now if your caught even near it your a farmer!

Anyway on to the book! On page five Mike asks Jessica to marry him. Is anyone freaking out with suspense waiting to see if they get married? Oh well ok then.

Steven continues to worry about Jessica and Mike and try to tell Jessica what to do. Is there any time ever where Jessica does what someone tells her to? Seriously think about it. I honestly could not come up with one time she did.

Elizabeth is waiting to talk to Nina at the hospital because Nina and Bryan got attacked in the last book and this is the first time Elizabeth has got to see her since the attack. Nina is doing ok. Elizabeth is planning to write a story for WSVU about racism on campus. Nina doesn't want her to and tells Elizabeth she is planning to transfer to another school after this semester is over. Elizabeth is devastated. Then we learn that Nina's mother is in town. We meet her and she is a total controlling jerk. She has quiet a distaste for Elizabeth.

Meanwhile Todd is hanging out with his girlfriend Lauren. The dean wants to meet with him and some of the other basketball guys about the special perks they got. They pretty much know that they will lose their scholarship. Lauren is waaay less interested in Todd now that it's looking like he wont be rich or famous.

Mark Gathers is being pretty cranky with Enid/Alex because he is stressed about the meeting with the dean. Both Lauren and Enid blame it on Elizabeth because even if you do something bad it's the fault of the person who told on you.

Celine starts gettin attention from William because she has access to Elizabeth's notes on the racism attack.

Tom gets a threatening note that they need to stop working on the story. He tells Elizabeth that they can't do the story. She misunderstands and thinks he doesn't want to. She freaks a little bit and says she will do it herself. I personally don't think she has that power. But whatever.

Winston is depressed and vegging out on the common room couch at Oakly hall. Winston thought being a sigma would make him popular and desirable. We get this gem of a thought from Winston

"Everyone has their own way of dealing with depression, Winston thought. He reached in the cardboard box beside him, took out another bag of salt-and- vinegar chips-his third-and ripped it open. And this is mine. Darkness, solitude, people dancing across the TV dressed as bottles of ketchup, and food with lots of artificial ingredients."

Hee. I love Winston! That is totally what depression is like. Denise comes in and they go to play pool.

William and Elizabeth are on a date and she is venting to him and it's pretty obvious that he is trying to pump her for information.

Jessica and Mike get married in a small quicky chapel in Las Vegas and the whole time Jessica keeps thinking about how she will miss never having a big wedding with fancy stuff. Afterwards they drive to a crappy diner where the cook gives them their double cheeseburgers for free because it's their wedding dinner. Ha Ha I was going to say something about what a fancy dinner that was but my husband and I ended up eating at Mcdonals at like ten pm on our wedding night. True story, he only got to have like an apple all day and I hadn't eaten since one in the morning the day before. On the other hand Mike and Jessica could have went to a fancy resturant because they have eaten within the last twenty-four hours. Yeah so there.

Elizabeth finally figures out that it's the secret society that was behind the attack not the sigmas. Wow took her long enough. It was pretty obvious the way it's written.
Elizabeth goes out on a date with William and resolves not to talk about Tom and the story about the attack. All she does is talk about it. William keeps trying to make it sound like Tom is the leader of the secret society. Elizabeth doesn't realize it. Insert a joke about how stupid Elizabeth is. Hee.

I'm going to skip this 'B' plot and just recap it real quick like. Which I don't foresee being a problem because this series has like twenty 'B' plots in every book.
Okay Danny agrees to help Isabella get a date with Tom. So they go to a bunch of places and call Tom to hang out and a whole bunch of wacky hijinks happen. It's pretty lame. Tom just doesn't get that it's always a set up. None of the hijinks work and Danny and Isabella just get tired of the chase and do it. No just kidding they date. Lame sauce.

Celine is chilling with Peter Wilborne the third and Celine lets it slip that Elizabeth is working on a story about the attack. Ouch! That big chunk of foreshadowing just hit me in the face.

We have a brooding Tom scene where he opens a box of things from his past in the box is...a stack of photos, an old wallet, a silver charm bracelet, and a wad of cotton that has a silver ring shaped like a broken star. Dun Dun Dun. Tom must be part of a secret society. Or not. Whatever. Tom finally comes clean about the threatening letters. Elizabeth decides to keep working on the story.

Jessica tries to tell the Theta girls that she is married but can't get a word in edgewise. We learn that parents week is coming up and Isabella suggests that she move back into the dorm for the week so her parents don't figure out that she lives with Mike. Jessica doesn't know that Jessica is married yet.

Nina's mom wants her to leave school now and she goes along with it because her mom is controlling and stuff. She decides not to and agrees to help Elizabeth with the story. Nina had realized that she had heard one of there voices before and they figure out that it's Peter Wilborne the third. Dun Dun Dun. Winston gives Elizabeth information on Peter because he knows some stuff from when he was rushing Sigma.

Elizabeth finally gets a clue and finds out that Celine is reading her notes and going through her stuff. Elizabeth is on a date with William and she wants to go back to the station to work on her story. It's really weird but in every scene with William it's mentioned that they are drinking wine. I'm wondering if this is supposed to tell us that William White is a bad influence. Or maybe the author just like wine? You would have to to write these though right? Ha ha.

Jessica goes through the whole book fighting with her friends about Mike and not telling them that they got married. She also tells us how great being married is and implies that they make love a lot. Surprisingly very little of this book even has Jessica in it. Also Jessica and Elizabeth only see each other like twice. Seriously.

Elizabeth goes to visit Steven and Billie and figures out Jessica live with Mike. Billie and Elizabeth make some secret plan to help Jess or whatever. Honestly they have no control.

When Jessica gets home Mike is all mad at her because he knows that she didn't tell Elizabeth that they live together or are married. He kicks the coffee table and knocks over a glass and it's pretty clear that he has an anger problem. They cry and hug each other. Jessica says she will tell her parents but doesn't.

Alex and Todd are hanging out at breakfast and are sort of bonding. Todd and Mark talked with the dean and they are sooo in lots of trouble about the sports scandal.

Winston's dad is one of those macho macho men and thinks that Winston is gay because he lives with girls and he wont get off Winston's back about it. Winston tells him he has a girlfriend and his dad says he will meet her when he comes for parents week, so denise pretends to be his girlfriend.

Tom is using Celine to get information on Peter Wilborne the third and Elizabeth is mad and him because she thinks that he is dating her and working on the story with Celine. Just assume don't talk about it or anything.

The twins parents are at school because it's parents weekend and Jessica manages to keep her parents from finding out about Mike. With the help of about thirty pages of wacky hijinks of course. Mike finds out that Jessica didn't tell them about him and gets mad and throws a whole bunch of stuff. It's really pretty scary.

Elizabeth goes to Jessica and Mike apartment(Mike isn't there) and sees what happened and tries to get Jessica to leave with her and Jessica tells her that she can't because they got married.

What a cliffhanger. Well I wont leave you in too much suspense the next recap should be up in the next few days.

In other news you can ask me questions anonymously here


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SVU #3 What your parents don't know...

Sorry for the picture quality. I really need to hook up my scanner.
The book starts out with Jessica waiting for Mike to pick her and her stuff up so she can officially move in with him and stop living out of a drawer. Jessica uses the word tottell, so it's official she IS smarter than a crayon. Then I read it again and realized it's a typo. I knew it was too good to be true! This book seriously has about one to two typos per page. I freaking kid you not.

Tom and Elizabeth's story about the special treatment of athletes is going to be on this afternoons broadcast. Dun Dun Dun. It happens and Todd Enid/Alex chews Elizabeth out for it. The whole book Liz tries to figure out who wrote her the poem and William tricks her into thinking it was him. They go out a few times while Elizabeth and Tom work on a new story about frat hazing and how the sigmas kill a pledge every seven years and make it look like a accident. Any guess how long it's been since they killed one? Dun Dun Dun. Seven years. Yeah I never would have figured that out on my own. The guy they are especially mean to this year is Winston. Too bad. Love the Winston. Anyways they almost kill him but Tom and Elizabeth save him and the day. Stupid suck ups. Anyways Liz is less fat now. I mean thank god, I almost thought she was normal there for a second and not a saint or whatev. So she and Tom share a kiss after they save Winston and then William shows up. I don't think he saw them kiss though.

Jessica is living with Mike still and it's not going too well. This is where we learn Mike is a real jerk. Steven keeps threatening to tell on her. If this was real life I doubt he would really care. Besides he lives with his girlfriend. It's hinted on that Mike may be cheating on Jessica. He also doesn't want her to spend any time with anyone else. Seriously he thinks when she is not at school they need to spend every waking moment together. Jessica this is a very bad idea. Really I know from experience, no one is meant to spend 24/7 with anyone else. So she blows off a lot of Theta events for him and she is not sure she will become a full fledged Theata now. Jessica goes to the bank for bank stuff or whatev and learns she only has fifty five cents in her bank account. It's not a mistake, she's just bad with money. So later that day she impersonates her twin and steals a hundred dollars from her account. Later Liz finds out a gets really mad. Jessica get a job as a waitress to pay Elizabeth back and get through the semester. The cover finally makes since now but the scene on the cover never happens. So one day the Theta girls come in and Jessica has to wait on them and they freak out about how Theta is NOT for poor girls. Allison Quinn(vice-president and head jerk)basically says that there is no way she will get into theta now. Jessica gets off work and comes home to Mike and tell him she quit for him and all that matters to her is him.

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Sweet Valley series: When does this madness end?

I thought it might to nice to fill everyone in on the different series that ruined our childhood. I meant made our intelligence thrive. Really I did. Sorta. So here it goes that madness of Sweet Valley. This is in chronological order not publication date.

Sweet Valley Kids
This takes place when the twins are eight years old. Our perfect princess Lila is a bedwetter. Seriously yeah right. I never got too into these because I was way to old for them when I discovered them.

Welcome to Sweet Valley
This was advertised in the back of and SVK book but never happened. Why you may ask? Well I don't really know but it sounds pretty lame.

Sweet Valley Twins
Sometimes also called Sweet valley Twins and Friends. I have no idea why because it didn't start like that but was called that for a while and went back to just Twins a little later. It was mostly about the twins anyways. Why try to fool us loyal readers? The twins are in sixth grade and twelve years old. I loved these books! I think I may recap these eventually. They are made of win! I especially love the ever-illogical Super Thrillers.

Team Sweet Valley
This spanned two books and was about the twins on sports teams. Tre boring.

The Unicorns
The twins are now both unicorns and in seventh grade.

Sweet Valley Junior High
The twins are in eighth grade at a new school. Written in a new diary form told by different characters throughout each book.

Sweet Valley High
The twins are sixteen and Juniors in high school. This is just messed up because if the are twelve in sixth grade they should be seventeen in eleventh grade. I always thought this had to do with when their birthday is but it does not, in one of the last SVH books it says their birthday is June thirteenth(two days from mine btw). Features Super Editions, Super Thrillers, Magna Editions, and Super Stars(a story form which highlighted a specific character other than the twins).

Sweet Valley High Senior Year
This takes place after the earth quake when many student from El Carro high school are transfered to Sweet Valley High. Also told in first person diary form.

Sweet Valley University
The twins somehow found their way to college!

Elizabeth is in London working as a maid. No really she is.

Sweet Valley Confedintial
A to-be released series chronicling the live of the twins and there friends in their late twenties.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Valley Confidential

Sweet Valley Confidential is unofficially set to be out February 2011. It may be turned into a series depending on readership!

For those of you who have not heard about it before Sweet Valley Confidential is about Elizabeth and Jessica in their twenties living in a gated community.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweet Valley University Characters

Hi I thought it would out line who the charters are to make it easier for everyone. This contains NO spoilers:) It's just a general character discription. I hope it helps.

Jessica Wakefield- She is Elizabeth's twin. She is fun, out going, boy crazy and frankly a little shallow

Elizabeth Wakefield- She is Jessica's twin. She is quiet and studious.

Tom Watts- He used to be "Wildman Watts" a hunky football player, but something stopped him from playing and now he focuses on school and working at the university TV station.

Todd Wilkins- Was Elizabeth's high school boyfriend. He is on the basketball team and is a major jock.

Nina Harper- She is a very studious girl who wares her long brown hair in braids with beads at the end.

Alexandra Rollins- Went to high school with the twins and used to be called Enid. When she got to college she decided to change her image and go by her middle name and pledge Theta Alpha Theta.

Winston Egbert- He accidentally got put in an all girls dorm. He is very funny and a nerd.

Celine Boudreaux- Elizabeth's roommate. She is from the south and smokes alot. She constantly tells us about her granny. She is not very nice.

Danny Wyatt- Tom Watts roommate. He hates fighting because of something in his past.

Peter Wilbourne III- President of the Sigmas. He hates Danny because he was always in competition with him and Danny always won. He is rumored to be the leader of an underground secret white supremacist society.

Lila Fowler- Rich beautiful and Jessica's best friend.

Isabella Ricci- Jessica's roommate and new friend at college.

Denise Waters- A Theta girl who is Jessica's friend.

Nick Fox- A new mysterious student.

Dana Upsaw- The standard 'good time girl'.

Steven Wakefield- The twin's older brother who also goes to SVU and lives off campus with his girlfriend Billie Winkler.

Billie Winkler- Steven's girlfriend.

William White- A mysterious student who Celine likes.

Mike McAllery- A bad boy Jessica likes

Thursday, January 7, 2010

SVU #2 Love, lies, and Jessica Wakefield

It's Friday night and Isabella and Jessica are home. Isabella goes out but Jess stays in because she is afraid Mike might call or come by when she is not there.

Elizabeth is going to the library. She recaps that she is on a diet. Her diet book says she is not losing weight yet because she is on a 'plateau'. She is hungry all the time and frustrated at how even pictures of food make her hungry. As shes walking to the library she sees Alex with a super huge burrito. Dun Dun Dun. She starts talking to Liz and we learn it's a jumbo chicken burrito. With guacamole. And sour cream. And salsa. And melted cheese. Now I'm really hungry. Thanks a lot Sweet valley! Elizabeth goes to the library and is studying. William comes up and gives her a rose and disappears.

Danny and Tom chatting about how Tom thinks all the stuff that happened at the Halloween dance was the sigmas doing. He also tells Danny about a letter he stumbled upon that says that the co-captian of the basketball team owed the school five-thousand dollars for his tuition but then he didn't have to pay it. He also found a grade sheet for the quarterback of the football team, there is another copy of it where his grades are much better and the sheets are for the same semester. Can you say jocks are treated special?

Jessica goes to Elizabeth's dorm so they can go to the Theta tea party. Aren't you excited? Tea! Elizabeth is not ready so Jessica picks her out an out fit it doesn't fit anymore. Jessica thinks she looks like a sausage. No really she thinks that. They go to the tea and Allison Quinn is a jerk to Elizabeth. She leaves early and Jessica is mad about it. Liz is upset about what happened with Todd and asks herself why she didn't just sleep with him. She says to herself she feels ready now. You have cried in every scene in this entire book. Trust me it's not a good time. Liz is running to her room thinking about cheddar cheese potato chips when Tom stops her and tells her about the stuff he found about the sports teams.

Allison stops by Jessica's and basically says 'Get Elizabeth to go out with Peter and apologize and we will pledge both of you, but if she doesn't there is no way your getting in. Okay?'. Jessica ditches out on her friends to go out with Mike. They go to his house. It's in the same building Steven lives in. They make out and fall asleep while watching a movie. The next morning Mike is taking Jessica to school and just as they are leaving they run into Steven. They do that guy thing where one says that they could so take the other but they wont, then the other guy says the same thing.

Elizabeth is trying to find a healthy snack in a vending machine(Ha that is so going to happen)when she is helpfully told by Nina how many women are on a diet at any given time(3 out of 6 if you care). The go out to the campus coffee house to split a salad. Liz spills to Nina all about what happened with Todd. Nina advises Liz to talk to Todd about how she is feeling. Liz does so and she finds Todd with Lauren and it's pretty obvious the just had sex.

Winston spends a lot of the book hiding from his Sigma friends because they keep bugging him to hook them up with the girls from his dorm. One of the guys even want him to set him up with the girl Winston likes.
Winston is in the common room trying to make a cup noodles like dinner thing. It's not going well. Then Denise(the Theta he has a crush on) comes in and whines she has cramps and is hungry. He offers to share him noodle thing and she thinks it's really sweet. This is why we love Winston. The girls are all mad that because Winston is the sigma's friend they think they can use Winston to get dates with the girls. The secret plan is that they all lead the Sigmas on and imply that they will go to the Homecoming dance with them, then at the last minute say that they already have dates.
We don't lean in this book how this works out but Winston and Denise stay home from the dance and end up eating junk food, drinking soda, and watching horror movies. Winston is so cool.

Jessica goes to get breakfast to discover an article about condoms taped to the fridge. She fights with Isabella about it and she give Jessica a package of condoms. Then Jessica fights with Liz about it. She goes to meet Mike for dinner and she sleeps with him.

Elizabeth goes to have lunch with Enid/Alex and she mentions that her athlete boyfriend is getting a new car, is taking her out to dinner at an insanely expensive restaurant and he doesn't have to study, he just gets perfect grades. She goes to tell this to Tom and they realise that Todd will be implicated and she goes to tell Todd and he just gets mad she thinks he would do that. Jessica tells Liz that she is supposed to go out with Peter and she refuses. So Jessica pretends to be Elizabeth and goes out with Peter. Without telling Liz. Meanwhile Tom has written Liz a poem and not signed it, she love it. He sees Jessica pretending to be Liz and thinks he doesn't like her.

Jessica sees Mike with a few different woman so she freaks out and stuff but then it's all explainable. It's pretty boring so I'm going to spare you. They make up. They go to the homecoming dance together. They finally say they love each other. Liz finds out Jessica pretended to be her so she goes to the dance to yell at her. She misses her though. Mike asks Jessica to move in with him and she says yes.

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SVU #1 College Girls

So the book starts off with Liz and Todd on their last date before college. It's pretty boring. We basically get a recap that says that college is starting soon for them.

Next Jess, Liz, Enid, and Mrs. Wakefield are in the kitchen talking about how great college is going to be and Enid says she wants to change her image-and her name to Alexandra(her middle name). Liz thinks this is pretty weird and it makes her angry that Enid wants to change. They also talk about sororities. Jess and Enid want to pledge Theta Alpha Theta which is Mrs. Wakefield's old sorority. Liz is all proud that her mom was president and brags to Enid about it.

Then we skip to Jessica packing copious amounts of stuff. She gives Liz a lecture about how even though they are rooming together Liz can't try to control her and act like their mother. This might be because I've read about a thousand of these books but I don't see Liz not acting like a mom anytime soon. But alas it's a book, so it does not have to conform to reality. Liz freaks out that the room will be a mess like Jess's room is at home. They have a petty fight.

For some reason Jess, Liz, Todd, Enid, and Winston carpool to SVU and their parents drive their cars to the school. This really doesn't make sense to me because how would the parents get home? But again it's a book.

They get to school and it's super awesome. Todd goes to his dorm and is all swept off his feet by how cool the jocks are. Jess goes to explore. Enid goes to her dorm. Winston goes to his only to find out that they spelled his name wrong and thought he was a girl because they put 'Winnie' so he is in an all girls dorm and cannot be put in another because all the coed and male dorms are full. I really don't see this happening, I see a male single being made into a cramped double.

Liz and Enid/Alexandra meet up in the snack room? Anyways they meet up like they planned and Liz whines to Enid/Alexandra about the fight she had with Jess. Enid/Alexandra gets angry that Liz is always whining to her and never listening to what she says. They argue and Enid/Alexandra leaves.

Todd talks about how the jocks are so cool and he decides to go out with them for Cajun food and ditch out on Liz when he was supposed to meet her.

Jessica meets a girl named Isabella Ricci and she is said to be a Lila-lite. We are told that Lila is still in Europe and has only sent a postcard that says something along the lines of "Slight delay I will call soon". So Jess and Isabella talk about a guy they see come into the coffee shop they are at. Isabella says he is really awesome and president of the Sigmas(The big frat on campus) and his name is Peter Willborne the third. He comes over and is just a jerk so naturally Jess is charmed. He asks her to the Theta/Sigma rush dance but Jess says she already has a date, he says to ditch him and is a jerk. Jess says no. He leave and Isabella says she shouldn't have done that and asks who her date is and Jess says it's Danny Wyatt and Isabella freaks out and says that is really a bad idea because Peter is a racist and that he also hates Danny because they used to always be in competition and Danny always won. Also she says that he is like maybe the leader of a secret society and he is really controlling and she should really be careful. I don't like this Isabella girl because she is trying to be Lila and also she thinks Peter is great but also knows he is dangerous and not a good person.

Elizabeth is alone in her room waiting for Todd to pick her up even though they did not arrange to meet or anything. She is really lonely and it's really sad. She falls asleep and has a dream about Jessica not letting her in their dorm. In the morning Jess and Liz fight about Jess not taking time to set up the room and put her clothes away.

Meanwhile Winston is feeling really uncomfortable about living with a whole bunch of women. Most men would love to live in a house of women, but this is why we love Winston. He is adorable. I like to think of my husband as Winston Eggbert crossed with Tom Watts(if my husband was in these books).

Elizabeth is meeting Todd for breakfast and after that they are registering for their classes. But Todd is late so Liz decides to get some food for him too because they will be closing the kitchen part soon. Elizabeth waits for him and thinks about how things used to be totally different and how much has changed in three weeks. Todd is always blowing her off for jock stuff and she and Jessica are always fighting and now Enid/Alexandra are not speaking to each other. Todd finally shows up and says that he all ready registered and everything. Because he is a jock and he can do stuff like that. Jerk. He is all 'Okay I just got here but lets go. Okay?'So Liz said she got some food for him and he is all confused because there is nothing on her plate. Elizabeth chalks it up to not realizing how hungry she was.

Jessica wakes up and goes on and on about how great yesterday was. The day sounds pretty boring so I'll spare you the details, basically Jess hung out with some people she knows from school. She is mad at Liz for always keeping her side of the room perfect and making hers look bad by comparison. She freaks out because she can't find a bra to match her outfit. So naturally she steals one from Liz along with panties to match and leave the drawer open so Liz's side is not so perfect. Jess meets up with Isabella and Denise Waters(a theta girl) and whines about how much it sucks to live with Liz. Isabella says Jess should move in with her and she agrees.

Liz comes back to the dorm to find Jessica moving out. She tries to tag along with Jess to some girls party and Jess tells her she was not invited. Jess leaves. Liz cries.

Liz vents to Enid about it and says it's okay though because now they can room together and Enid/Alexandra says no way. They go to check out the sororities with all the other may by pledges. They go to the Phi beta phi's and Liz thinks they are cool and the theta's are snobs. Jess freaks out because she likes them and they are the sorority that their mom was the president of.

Later Jessica is driving and daydreaming. A dangerous combo as she hits another car. The guy is super mad and super hunky and he acts like a jerk. Jess likes him.

Winston is at a sigma party and some of the girls from his dorm show up so he sneaks out so they wont blow his cover.

Liz is eating potato chips and being bored at the theta house dance. She just feel awkward and Alexandra says she wants to pledge them. She wonders what Todd is doing and she wonders if it's worth him being super jock if they never see each other.

Jessica is dancing with Danny and Peter comes up and asks her to dance and she says next song because she is dancing with Danny. Peter freaks out and starts being mean to Danny and basically trying to start a fight. Danny wont fight him and Tom Watts steps in and is like 'fight me or shut up' and so Peter backs down. Then they start to leave and Liz comes up and yells at Peter. Tom sees Liz yell at Peter and is really fascinated by her.

Liz goes to meet Todd at a coffee house as they planned but he doesn't let her get a word in about what just happened. They go to Todd's room so Liz can see it. He tries to put the moves on her and she says no. Todd gets all cranky and walks her to her room.

Liz goes to meet Alexandra to have breakfast she wants to talk to her about Todd's jerkyness. She is waiting for Alex when she hears some people talking about how she should not have yelled at Peter and how she needs protecting from him now. Alex gets there and tells Liz she spent the night at a boys dorm room and how she is totally in love. Liz freaks out because she thinks this means Alex had sex and Alex is cranky that Liz can't just be happy for her. She says they didn't sleep together though and she leaves.

Danny thanks Tom for stepping in the night before and we learn that there is a reason Danny won't fight. We don't learn what it is but we know there is a reason.

Todd takes a shower and wonders why Liz is mad at him. Todd could not find his way out of a paper bag.

Jessica get back to her dorm after class and the guy whose car she hit has broken in and is chilling on her couch. For some reason she is not freaked out. He leaves a magazine there and she finds a card in it that says his name. Mike McAllery.

Todd ditches Liz at lunch and she finds comfort in food. She finishes and goes back to her room to find her new roommate Celine. She is from the south and smokes and is basically a white trash sterotype. She costantlly talks about her granny all the time.

Next for some reason it skips back a scene where Celine goes through all of Liz's stuff. She is surprised she doesn't find any love letters or any form of birth control. She is surprised at how prudent Liz's pajamas are.

Celine is really rude and mean to Liz. She cons some guy into doing her homework for her. She sees Todd who she recognizes from a picture that Liz has. She basically sneakily puts the idea in Todd's head that Liz never makes time for him and she always out having fun without him.

This psychic predicted that a pretty blonde girl is going to be murdering at the Halloween dance at SVU. Jess discuses it with Isabella and Jess tells her about Mike and Isabella knows who he is and says he is bad news. Isabella sets her up on a date with her friend Mark Gathers.

Some sigmas pick on Liz and threaten her and Tom steps in. We learn that Tom used to play football and be all wild and stuff but something happened and now he just concentrates on school and working at the campus TV station.

Winston is hanging out with some of his sigma friends and some of the girls from him dorm come up and again almost blow his cover. These girls should be detectives with all that stealth they are packing around.

Jessica goes on the date with Mark and she is distracted and they both admit to being interested in other people. Mike is there so Jess goes to talk to him. He is still a jerk.

Tom learns that the campus TV station is getting a freshman to help out and this makes him cranky. He talks to Danny and we finally learn why Danny won't fight. His brother was a fighter and her fought with a guy over a parking space and he got stabbed and now he is in a wheelchair and will never be able to walk again.

Liz comes home from the library and is relived that Celine is still out. Liz goes to sleep and is awakened to Celine dry humping some guy and she won't make him leave so Liz leaves and decides to go to Enid's dorm then she remembers that they are not talking and she can't go to Todd because they are fighting. And Jess is out of the question, so she goes to her brother Steven's apartment where he lives with his girlfriend Billi. They make tea and talk and Liz feels better and she goes home.

The next day Liz is at the library and she talks about the regulars who study there. This includes Nina Harper, Tom Watts and a boy who stares at her and has shockingly blue eyes. Liz does not know that this is William White and Celine keeps trying to get in his pants but he doesn't like her and just uses her because she rooms with Liz.

There is a football game and Jess sees Mike there. Todd gets hit on by Celine.

Later Liz and Todd are out on a date and they break up.

Jess is sewing her Halloween costume and she gets a call from Steven and he says he saw her with Mike at the football game and to stay away from him. She gets mad that he is telling her what to do and she hangs up.

Tom is working on some lame documentary about the psychic prediction about the blonde girl being murdered the night of the dance. He thinks it's just a rumor started by the sigmas. Liz comes in and she is the new freshman intern person.

Elizabeth is all in a good mood about working at the TV station and how fun it is. She get a package from her mom and she opens it. It's her gypsy Halloween costume from last year that she asked her mom to send her for the dance. She is surprised that is doesn't fit. She freaks out and decides to go on a diet.

The girls from Winston's dorm help him dress as Shirley Temple for the dance.

Jessica gets a call from Lila saying she got married and she is leaving Italy for their honeymoon in Paris. Jessica is shocked and decides she has to get Mike.

At the dance Tom is sneaking around trying to protect Elizabeth because he is sure that she is the pretty blonde who the psychic said would be murdered. Elizabeth is dressed as justice, she is waring a cardboard scale. All the sigmas are dressed as skeletons. The lights start going on and off and some of the sigmas are seen leaving. One of the girls from Winston's dorm accidently rats him out about living in a girls dorm. Now all the guy are jealous he get to be around all those girls. Jessica's date tries to rape her but Danny gets him to leave her alone, the sigmas show up and try to get Danny to back down, they hit Danny. Tom shows up and Danny punches Jessica's date back he falls on his bum and the sigmas back down. Jessica runs away to go back to her dorm. When she gets outside she thinks she hears whispering. She keeps running until she hears it again. It keeps saying 'Elizabeth' Before she can scream she get choked by the person. Elizabeth sees Todd kissing a girl named Lauren Hill. Liz leaves and Tom tries to get her to let him walk her home but she runs away. When she gets home there is some russling in the bushes and she thinks Tom followed her home to protect her.Jessica wakes up to Mike rescuing her from her attacker and he kisses her


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