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Thursday, January 7, 2010

SVU #2 Love, lies, and Jessica Wakefield

It's Friday night and Isabella and Jessica are home. Isabella goes out but Jess stays in because she is afraid Mike might call or come by when she is not there.

Elizabeth is going to the library. She recaps that she is on a diet. Her diet book says she is not losing weight yet because she is on a 'plateau'. She is hungry all the time and frustrated at how even pictures of food make her hungry. As shes walking to the library she sees Alex with a super huge burrito. Dun Dun Dun. She starts talking to Liz and we learn it's a jumbo chicken burrito. With guacamole. And sour cream. And salsa. And melted cheese. Now I'm really hungry. Thanks a lot Sweet valley! Elizabeth goes to the library and is studying. William comes up and gives her a rose and disappears.

Danny and Tom chatting about how Tom thinks all the stuff that happened at the Halloween dance was the sigmas doing. He also tells Danny about a letter he stumbled upon that says that the co-captian of the basketball team owed the school five-thousand dollars for his tuition but then he didn't have to pay it. He also found a grade sheet for the quarterback of the football team, there is another copy of it where his grades are much better and the sheets are for the same semester. Can you say jocks are treated special?

Jessica goes to Elizabeth's dorm so they can go to the Theta tea party. Aren't you excited? Tea! Elizabeth is not ready so Jessica picks her out an out fit it doesn't fit anymore. Jessica thinks she looks like a sausage. No really she thinks that. They go to the tea and Allison Quinn is a jerk to Elizabeth. She leaves early and Jessica is mad about it. Liz is upset about what happened with Todd and asks herself why she didn't just sleep with him. She says to herself she feels ready now. You have cried in every scene in this entire book. Trust me it's not a good time. Liz is running to her room thinking about cheddar cheese potato chips when Tom stops her and tells her about the stuff he found about the sports teams.

Allison stops by Jessica's and basically says 'Get Elizabeth to go out with Peter and apologize and we will pledge both of you, but if she doesn't there is no way your getting in. Okay?'. Jessica ditches out on her friends to go out with Mike. They go to his house. It's in the same building Steven lives in. They make out and fall asleep while watching a movie. The next morning Mike is taking Jessica to school and just as they are leaving they run into Steven. They do that guy thing where one says that they could so take the other but they wont, then the other guy says the same thing.

Elizabeth is trying to find a healthy snack in a vending machine(Ha that is so going to happen)when she is helpfully told by Nina how many women are on a diet at any given time(3 out of 6 if you care). The go out to the campus coffee house to split a salad. Liz spills to Nina all about what happened with Todd. Nina advises Liz to talk to Todd about how she is feeling. Liz does so and she finds Todd with Lauren and it's pretty obvious the just had sex.

Winston spends a lot of the book hiding from his Sigma friends because they keep bugging him to hook them up with the girls from his dorm. One of the guys even want him to set him up with the girl Winston likes.
Winston is in the common room trying to make a cup noodles like dinner thing. It's not going well. Then Denise(the Theta he has a crush on) comes in and whines she has cramps and is hungry. He offers to share him noodle thing and she thinks it's really sweet. This is why we love Winston. The girls are all mad that because Winston is the sigma's friend they think they can use Winston to get dates with the girls. The secret plan is that they all lead the Sigmas on and imply that they will go to the Homecoming dance with them, then at the last minute say that they already have dates.
We don't lean in this book how this works out but Winston and Denise stay home from the dance and end up eating junk food, drinking soda, and watching horror movies. Winston is so cool.

Jessica goes to get breakfast to discover an article about condoms taped to the fridge. She fights with Isabella about it and she give Jessica a package of condoms. Then Jessica fights with Liz about it. She goes to meet Mike for dinner and she sleeps with him.

Elizabeth goes to have lunch with Enid/Alex and she mentions that her athlete boyfriend is getting a new car, is taking her out to dinner at an insanely expensive restaurant and he doesn't have to study, he just gets perfect grades. She goes to tell this to Tom and they realise that Todd will be implicated and she goes to tell Todd and he just gets mad she thinks he would do that. Jessica tells Liz that she is supposed to go out with Peter and she refuses. So Jessica pretends to be Elizabeth and goes out with Peter. Without telling Liz. Meanwhile Tom has written Liz a poem and not signed it, she love it. He sees Jessica pretending to be Liz and thinks he doesn't like her.

Jessica sees Mike with a few different woman so she freaks out and stuff but then it's all explainable. It's pretty boring so I'm going to spare you. They make up. They go to the homecoming dance together. They finally say they love each other. Liz finds out Jessica pretended to be her so she goes to the dance to yell at her. She misses her though. Mike asks Jessica to move in with him and she says yes.

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