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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweet Valley High #123 Elizabth's Rival

Elizabeth, Jessica, Winston, and Lila are junior counsolors at camp Echo Mountain. No seriously thats what it's called. The best part(for Elizabeth) is that Maria Slater from SVT is going to be a junior counsolor too. Naturally they are really excited to hang . Also Maria is moving back to Sweet Valley after this summer and she is bringing a friend to camp who she thinks will be great friends with Liz. Yeah um sure. A few books ago was the whole gang wars/surfing thing where Jessica's boyfriend dies so for the summer she has sworn of men. Very un-Jessica like but whatever, she's actually being human. Lila is ready for a summer of love. Winston is......not really in the book except for the casual mention. That makes me sad. So they get to camp and they unpack there stuff and Elizabeth decides that she is going to write the camp play and so she takes over the whole desk. I found this very assumptive and rude and Elizabeth. A fellow counselor comes in to unpack her stuff and takes over the desk and puts Elizabeth's stuff in a box. Also rude. I should be the manners police. I'm going to put that as my job on facebook. Maybe. Anyways Elizabeth finds Maria and she meets Maria's friend, the girl who took over the computer desk. Lame. Jessica's campers copy everything she does. Lila's campers mock her and are mean, she meets a guy who is obsessed with the outdoors and outdoor stuff. Elizabeth's campers hate her and never listen to her and they get the whole camp to call her 'Dizzy Lizzy'.  Everyone has a campfire one night and the camp owner tells everyone a 'true' scary story, This guy was weird or maybe a little disturbed its not really clear but he lived in the woods and worked at the camp, he fell in love with a counselor at the camp but the counselors are not allowed to do that stuff and the camp owner told them to quit it, the girl went to her room and cried for two days, the owner finally goes to see the poor girl after TWO DAYS and the girl is missing, all her stuff was still there too but the woodsman was also missing without taking his stuff. Elizabeth writes her camp play based on this and Nicole steals when Elizabeth is out with her campers. Elizabeth confronts her about it and Nicole admits to what happened but they are interrupted by a noise outside. Lila keeps pretending that she is outdoorsy for the guy she like and eventually they both admit that they are rich kids who hate camping. Jessica has a camper that videos everything and Jessica learns that Nicole confession is on one of the tapes and she plays it for everyone. Elizabeth is back in everyones good graces. Again.

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