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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SVU #21 For the Love of Ryan

A very summery book! This book is 90% filler so.... yeah just a warning. So the book opens with a helpful telling of what you can figure out from the cover. The twins are suddenly lifeguards and there is a new character named Ryan. Ok now that we are all up to speed. lol. We also learn that Winston and Nina are also lifeguards and they are all sharing a beach house. So basically the 'main plot' aka 'the most boring plot ever' is that the is rival lifeguard squads. Yeah you read that right. There isnt really any wacky hijinks they just hate each other. The next day everyone goes down to the beach for training for tryouts, yes all these people rented an expensive beach house and stuff without even knowing if they have the job. But this is Sweet Valley. Here we meet Ryan. Ryan is hot..... and insufferable. Elizabeth keeps screwing up and Ryan freaks out on her and everyone makes a big deal out of it. I would like to see Elizabeth work retail. Winston isnt the best swimmer and he might not make the squad and if he doesnt he wont be able to make his share of the rent. He sets up a tour of famous peoples houses and makes most of his share. But some of the people on the tour ruin someones lawn so the cops shut down his tour thing. Wow that sounded stupid. Jessica does a whole bunch of stupid stuff to get Ryan to like her, but he is sooo torchered and emo he just cant get too attached. Whiny loser. Another loser Ben likes Jessica and they hang out and stuff even thought she hates him and is really really mean to him.

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