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Monday, October 18, 2010

SVU Thriller Edition Kiss of the Vampire

Scary Banister! Yeah but I didn't have anything else to say......
So Elizabeth and Tom have entered a contest to stay with and write an article for the famous journalist Nicolas Des Perdu, and conveniently right now is when they are opening the envelopes to see who won. Shock! It's Tom. Yes Elizabeth did not win. Seriously. Squee.  So Liz takes Tom to the airport a few days later and yeah.  Meanwhile Jessica is trying to get this room in the theta house but head jerkface Alison Quinn wants it but Jessica gives it up after Alison almost gets murdered there by a stranger(Nicolas Des Perdu).  Tom has an unpleasant trip because the maid tries to sleep with him basically, and Nicolas freaks out when he see Elizabeth's picture and has a flash back(basically he's from back in the day and he had a young wife who looked just like Elizabeth and he went off to wore and someone told them that he died and she killed herself but it was a mistake and he was still alive, he got depressed and a sexy vampire turned him into a vampire). and he comes back. After Tom is back for a few days Nicolas shows up when Elizabeth is working at the tv station to talk about Tom and how Nicolas wants to give him this surprise award and how Elizabeth cant tell him because it's a surprise. Uh yeah ok. So they hang out a ton and basically start dating. It's creepy. Elizabeth starts sleepwalking and stuff so everyone is worried about her. Tom thinks he sees Nicolas in Sweet Valley and soon enough he realizes that Nicolas is there and that he is a vampire. But Nicolas has already convinced Elizabeth to go with him home to New Orleans. Tom and Jessica get there a day later and save him from turning her into a vampire but he gets away. Elizabeth is ok and all is well.

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