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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweet Valley University Characters

Hi I thought it would out line who the charters are to make it easier for everyone. This contains NO spoilers:) It's just a general character discription. I hope it helps.

Jessica Wakefield- She is Elizabeth's twin. She is fun, out going, boy crazy and frankly a little shallow

Elizabeth Wakefield- She is Jessica's twin. She is quiet and studious.

Tom Watts- He used to be "Wildman Watts" a hunky football player, but something stopped him from playing and now he focuses on school and working at the university TV station.

Todd Wilkins- Was Elizabeth's high school boyfriend. He is on the basketball team and is a major jock.

Nina Harper- She is a very studious girl who wares her long brown hair in braids with beads at the end.

Alexandra Rollins- Went to high school with the twins and used to be called Enid. When she got to college she decided to change her image and go by her middle name and pledge Theta Alpha Theta.

Winston Egbert- He accidentally got put in an all girls dorm. He is very funny and a nerd.

Celine Boudreaux- Elizabeth's roommate. She is from the south and smokes alot. She constantly tells us about her granny. She is not very nice.

Danny Wyatt- Tom Watts roommate. He hates fighting because of something in his past.

Peter Wilbourne III- President of the Sigmas. He hates Danny because he was always in competition with him and Danny always won. He is rumored to be the leader of an underground secret white supremacist society.

Lila Fowler- Rich beautiful and Jessica's best friend.

Isabella Ricci- Jessica's roommate and new friend at college.

Denise Waters- A Theta girl who is Jessica's friend.

Nick Fox- A new mysterious student.

Dana Upsaw- The standard 'good time girl'.

Steven Wakefield- The twin's older brother who also goes to SVU and lives off campus with his girlfriend Billie Winkler.

Billie Winkler- Steven's girlfriend.

William White- A mysterious student who Celine likes.

Mike McAllery- A bad boy Jessica likes


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