Sweet Valley University Recaps

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Super Thriller #11 "R" for Revenge

This book is actually not terrible so I thought I might shake things up a bit and do a short short recap then some quotes. Enjoy.

Sorry the covers look a little messed up, I don't have a camera so I use google images.

Inside flap.

 So basically there is this crazy lady who got tormented by cheerleaders when she was in school in the 70s so she kidnaps and tries to kill the current cheerleaders. "M" for misplaced anger much? Side note Lila is a fill in cheerleader. Don't worry I know what your thinking she also expresses that shes a little too sophisticated to be a cheerleader. I know it's true because I was a cheerleader. Yeah I lie about that sometimes. By sometimes I mean alot. Lol on to the quotes.

"After all, Paula Abdul had started as a cheerleader." Jessica page 57

And look where it got her, washing down Valium with fifth of vodka.

"A song she didn't recognize erupted into the basement in a blast of guitars. "Welcome to my nightmare, " howled the lead singer" Jessica page 188

Ouch! Don't reference Alice Cooper and mess it up. What "Blast" of guitars? It's light and sweet in this one. See below.

The psycho killer lady in this book was in school in the 70s when she was tormented by the cheerleaders so when she kidnaps them she uses her favorite old songs to drown out the noise of the cheerleaders being prisoners in her basement, therefore there is a lot of music references.  I think they just googled 'music of the 70s' and added random songs. I'm not trying to be mean but it's really quite amusing. This song is too slow and quiet to drown out the noise. I can't find a louder or faster version of it either so one point for this Alice Cooper fanatic.

Super recap! Vampire mini series SVH#126 Tall, Dark, and Deadly, #127 Dance of Death, #128 Kiss of a Killer

Jessica falls in love with a vampire. Seriously.

I'm just going to put myself out there and admit it. I love love love this cover! Big scary ass house, old school dress, dark scary sky. Love it. Ok now that I got that out on to the book :) Jessica is at the Dairiburger with the girls and Elizabeth is on a date with Todd. Jessica is showing her friends the earrings that her grandmother got her. After when everyone leaves she realizes that she lost one. Thinking it might have gotten thrown out with the trash Jessica and Lila dumpster dive for it. Seriously Jessica and Lila dumpster dive. They don't find the earring but they do find a kitten and a dead body in the bottom of the dumpster. The police sort it all out and find out that it's a never before mentioned yet always been there character from Big Mesa. Also Jessica decides to keep the kitten. The next school day there is an assembly because of the murder and oh yeah there is conveniently a new gothic kid. Everyone thinks hes hot/cool. This surprises me because different people haven't been treated well in the past. Logic doesn't belong. Yet I never learn.  Anyways Jessica decides shes in love with him and Elizabeth hates him because he knocked into someone in the hall and didn't say sorry. Jessica does a whole bunch of crap to make him like her but he resists her. Also the whole school goes gothic. Yes in Sweet Valley. I used to be gothic so this amuses me. Enid becomes super goth and decides she loves Johnathan.

The new emo boys including Todd basically tell Johnathan that everyone is having a party at his house. Yes you read that right. Todd. Emo. Emo Todd. Lol. Anyways rudeness aside they have the party and Amy's conviently newly introduced cousin dies by having her blood drained. Stupid vampire killing off boring never heard of before characters. Also Jonathan makes out with Enid then rejects her. Now he likes Jessica. That was pretty much this whole stupid wonderful book. Really.

This scene kinda actually happens. Cool. At Amy's cousins funeral Enid stays after and kinda breaks down. So being our friendly neighborhood Vampire Jonathan attacks Enid and nearly kills her but she lives. So the kids in town decide to kill the killer. Seriously. Yeah I love these books. Jessica and Johnathan are chillin at his secret lair. Yep awesome. He gives Jessica a ring that allows him to survive in the sun. The SVH gang comes and runs him off and he turns into a hawk and flies away. The ring Jonathan gave Jessica disapears from her hand and leaves a burn/ blister. I feel like I made this more boring than it really was but hey I tried. Side note this is where the drawn covers end in SVH. Don't really know how I feel about this.