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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SVH Thriller Murder in Paradise Mini recap

Why is Lila pointing at her boob? Anyway moving on, Enid thinks George is going to leave her for someone prettier and so she has developed body image issues. I blame the media blamers, and the Wakefield twins. So the twins and their mom, Lila and Grace(her mom), and Enid(without mom) are all on a spa trip that Alice won in a random contest from the phonebook. Suspicious. Anyway Enids mom is soo busy with her job or whatever that she can't go because she is busy. Enid gets all sad. They get to the spa and meet the weird owner that Alice thinks she knows from somewhere but can't figure it out. Foreshadowing much? The weird lady owner person shes she had a special hair treatment for redheads that she can give Enid. She goes with her and she gets all creepy and basically starts brainwashing her into thinking she is ugly. Later she has a special treatment for freakles, she basically just keeps brainwashing her and getting her into hating the twins and other beautiful people. Elizabeth meets a girl that works there and learns that she ran away from home and that the employees just work there for room and board and arn't allowed to leave without permission. Ned EMAILS Elizabeth that he remembers the creepy owner as a girl at SVU when they went there who was teased beause she was ugly and was a science major who was in a experiment accident and got acid on her face. Basically she is bitter and out to get Alice. Elizabeth goes to find her but she has been kidnapped by the evil owner lady and they have to go find her in a secret lab building. They get there and evil lab lady has brainwashed Enid into helping her STEAL ALICE'S FACE. I'm serious. She is trying to transplant Alice's face onto hers. Really. Anyways Enid folds and helps Elizabeth save Alice. Everyone learns a lession about true beauty. Haha just kidding.  The end.

Side notes:
Jessica falls in love for the 137th time
Elizabeth cheats on Todd also for the 137th time
It's funny how Enid is so ugly because of her red hair but tons of women dye there hair red

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