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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SVU #3 What your parents don't know...

Sorry for the picture quality. I really need to hook up my scanner.
The book starts out with Jessica waiting for Mike to pick her and her stuff up so she can officially move in with him and stop living out of a drawer. Jessica uses the word tottell, so it's official she IS smarter than a crayon. Then I read it again and realized it's a typo. I knew it was too good to be true! This book seriously has about one to two typos per page. I freaking kid you not.

Tom and Elizabeth's story about the special treatment of athletes is going to be on this afternoons broadcast. Dun Dun Dun. It happens and Todd Enid/Alex chews Elizabeth out for it. The whole book Liz tries to figure out who wrote her the poem and William tricks her into thinking it was him. They go out a few times while Elizabeth and Tom work on a new story about frat hazing and how the sigmas kill a pledge every seven years and make it look like a accident. Any guess how long it's been since they killed one? Dun Dun Dun. Seven years. Yeah I never would have figured that out on my own. The guy they are especially mean to this year is Winston. Too bad. Love the Winston. Anyways they almost kill him but Tom and Elizabeth save him and the day. Stupid suck ups. Anyways Liz is less fat now. I mean thank god, I almost thought she was normal there for a second and not a saint or whatev. So she and Tom share a kiss after they save Winston and then William shows up. I don't think he saw them kiss though.

Jessica is living with Mike still and it's not going too well. This is where we learn Mike is a real jerk. Steven keeps threatening to tell on her. If this was real life I doubt he would really care. Besides he lives with his girlfriend. It's hinted on that Mike may be cheating on Jessica. He also doesn't want her to spend any time with anyone else. Seriously he thinks when she is not at school they need to spend every waking moment together. Jessica this is a very bad idea. Really I know from experience, no one is meant to spend 24/7 with anyone else. So she blows off a lot of Theta events for him and she is not sure she will become a full fledged Theata now. Jessica goes to the bank for bank stuff or whatev and learns she only has fifty five cents in her bank account. It's not a mistake, she's just bad with money. So later that day she impersonates her twin and steals a hundred dollars from her account. Later Liz finds out a gets really mad. Jessica get a job as a waitress to pay Elizabeth back and get through the semester. The cover finally makes since now but the scene on the cover never happens. So one day the Theta girls come in and Jessica has to wait on them and they freak out about how Theta is NOT for poor girls. Allison Quinn(vice-president and head jerk)basically says that there is no way she will get into theta now. Jessica gets off work and comes home to Mike and tell him she quit for him and all that matters to her is him.

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