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Thursday, February 25, 2010

SVU #4 Anything for love

Wow remember when flannel made you cool? Now if your caught even near it your a farmer!

Anyway on to the book! On page five Mike asks Jessica to marry him. Is anyone freaking out with suspense waiting to see if they get married? Oh well ok then.

Steven continues to worry about Jessica and Mike and try to tell Jessica what to do. Is there any time ever where Jessica does what someone tells her to? Seriously think about it. I honestly could not come up with one time she did.

Elizabeth is waiting to talk to Nina at the hospital because Nina and Bryan got attacked in the last book and this is the first time Elizabeth has got to see her since the attack. Nina is doing ok. Elizabeth is planning to write a story for WSVU about racism on campus. Nina doesn't want her to and tells Elizabeth she is planning to transfer to another school after this semester is over. Elizabeth is devastated. Then we learn that Nina's mother is in town. We meet her and she is a total controlling jerk. She has quiet a distaste for Elizabeth.

Meanwhile Todd is hanging out with his girlfriend Lauren. The dean wants to meet with him and some of the other basketball guys about the special perks they got. They pretty much know that they will lose their scholarship. Lauren is waaay less interested in Todd now that it's looking like he wont be rich or famous.

Mark Gathers is being pretty cranky with Enid/Alex because he is stressed about the meeting with the dean. Both Lauren and Enid blame it on Elizabeth because even if you do something bad it's the fault of the person who told on you.

Celine starts gettin attention from William because she has access to Elizabeth's notes on the racism attack.

Tom gets a threatening note that they need to stop working on the story. He tells Elizabeth that they can't do the story. She misunderstands and thinks he doesn't want to. She freaks a little bit and says she will do it herself. I personally don't think she has that power. But whatever.

Winston is depressed and vegging out on the common room couch at Oakly hall. Winston thought being a sigma would make him popular and desirable. We get this gem of a thought from Winston

"Everyone has their own way of dealing with depression, Winston thought. He reached in the cardboard box beside him, took out another bag of salt-and- vinegar chips-his third-and ripped it open. And this is mine. Darkness, solitude, people dancing across the TV dressed as bottles of ketchup, and food with lots of artificial ingredients."

Hee. I love Winston! That is totally what depression is like. Denise comes in and they go to play pool.

William and Elizabeth are on a date and she is venting to him and it's pretty obvious that he is trying to pump her for information.

Jessica and Mike get married in a small quicky chapel in Las Vegas and the whole time Jessica keeps thinking about how she will miss never having a big wedding with fancy stuff. Afterwards they drive to a crappy diner where the cook gives them their double cheeseburgers for free because it's their wedding dinner. Ha Ha I was going to say something about what a fancy dinner that was but my husband and I ended up eating at Mcdonals at like ten pm on our wedding night. True story, he only got to have like an apple all day and I hadn't eaten since one in the morning the day before. On the other hand Mike and Jessica could have went to a fancy resturant because they have eaten within the last twenty-four hours. Yeah so there.

Elizabeth finally figures out that it's the secret society that was behind the attack not the sigmas. Wow took her long enough. It was pretty obvious the way it's written.
Elizabeth goes out on a date with William and resolves not to talk about Tom and the story about the attack. All she does is talk about it. William keeps trying to make it sound like Tom is the leader of the secret society. Elizabeth doesn't realize it. Insert a joke about how stupid Elizabeth is. Hee.

I'm going to skip this 'B' plot and just recap it real quick like. Which I don't foresee being a problem because this series has like twenty 'B' plots in every book.
Okay Danny agrees to help Isabella get a date with Tom. So they go to a bunch of places and call Tom to hang out and a whole bunch of wacky hijinks happen. It's pretty lame. Tom just doesn't get that it's always a set up. None of the hijinks work and Danny and Isabella just get tired of the chase and do it. No just kidding they date. Lame sauce.

Celine is chilling with Peter Wilborne the third and Celine lets it slip that Elizabeth is working on a story about the attack. Ouch! That big chunk of foreshadowing just hit me in the face.

We have a brooding Tom scene where he opens a box of things from his past in the box is...a stack of photos, an old wallet, a silver charm bracelet, and a wad of cotton that has a silver ring shaped like a broken star. Dun Dun Dun. Tom must be part of a secret society. Or not. Whatever. Tom finally comes clean about the threatening letters. Elizabeth decides to keep working on the story.

Jessica tries to tell the Theta girls that she is married but can't get a word in edgewise. We learn that parents week is coming up and Isabella suggests that she move back into the dorm for the week so her parents don't figure out that she lives with Mike. Jessica doesn't know that Jessica is married yet.

Nina's mom wants her to leave school now and she goes along with it because her mom is controlling and stuff. She decides not to and agrees to help Elizabeth with the story. Nina had realized that she had heard one of there voices before and they figure out that it's Peter Wilborne the third. Dun Dun Dun. Winston gives Elizabeth information on Peter because he knows some stuff from when he was rushing Sigma.

Elizabeth finally gets a clue and finds out that Celine is reading her notes and going through her stuff. Elizabeth is on a date with William and she wants to go back to the station to work on her story. It's really weird but in every scene with William it's mentioned that they are drinking wine. I'm wondering if this is supposed to tell us that William White is a bad influence. Or maybe the author just like wine? You would have to to write these though right? Ha ha.

Jessica goes through the whole book fighting with her friends about Mike and not telling them that they got married. She also tells us how great being married is and implies that they make love a lot. Surprisingly very little of this book even has Jessica in it. Also Jessica and Elizabeth only see each other like twice. Seriously.

Elizabeth goes to visit Steven and Billie and figures out Jessica live with Mike. Billie and Elizabeth make some secret plan to help Jess or whatever. Honestly they have no control.

When Jessica gets home Mike is all mad at her because he knows that she didn't tell Elizabeth that they live together or are married. He kicks the coffee table and knocks over a glass and it's pretty clear that he has an anger problem. They cry and hug each other. Jessica says she will tell her parents but doesn't.

Alex and Todd are hanging out at breakfast and are sort of bonding. Todd and Mark talked with the dean and they are sooo in lots of trouble about the sports scandal.

Winston's dad is one of those macho macho men and thinks that Winston is gay because he lives with girls and he wont get off Winston's back about it. Winston tells him he has a girlfriend and his dad says he will meet her when he comes for parents week, so denise pretends to be his girlfriend.

Tom is using Celine to get information on Peter Wilborne the third and Elizabeth is mad and him because she thinks that he is dating her and working on the story with Celine. Just assume don't talk about it or anything.

The twins parents are at school because it's parents weekend and Jessica manages to keep her parents from finding out about Mike. With the help of about thirty pages of wacky hijinks of course. Mike finds out that Jessica didn't tell them about him and gets mad and throws a whole bunch of stuff. It's really pretty scary.

Elizabeth goes to Jessica and Mike apartment(Mike isn't there) and sees what happened and tries to get Jessica to leave with her and Jessica tells her that she can't because they got married.

What a cliffhanger. Well I wont leave you in too much suspense the next recap should be up in the next few days.

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