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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SVH Magna Edition The Evil Twin

And because I'm so nice here is the inlet.

So it's Christmas time and the twins hate each other because of the whole Elizabeth killed Jessica's boyfriend but it wasn't her fault thing. Seriously Wikipedia it. The twins are fighting because Jessica tricked Elizabeth and Todd into breaking up and then she went out with him. So this crazy chick Margo who looks like the twins is running around pretending to be them and plotting to kill Elizabeth and take over her life. Seriously she wants to be Elizabeth. I thought about it though and she can take over being Elizabeth and slowly make her more cool, or she can take over being Jessica and be stuck listening to Liz FOREVER. I think she made the right choice. She has this guy James working for her, spying on the twins and dating Jessica. I love this book but it's got a ton of filler. Basically what happens it at Lila's new years party Margo tricks Elizabeth into going out to the pool house and tries to kill her but Jessica saves Liz and Margo falls through the glass window and dies.

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