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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sweet Valley Twins Super Chiller #6 The Curse of the Golden Heart

I think I might have to stop being so lazy and start scanning covers myself. I apologize for rebelling against my overachieving upbringing by being so lazy. Side note, I know this is another random recap but it's not like I lost this book before I got the chance to recap it or anything. I found it now though so everything is good.

We open with everyone chilling at the beach and poisoning their bodies with junk food. The twins leave their friends to chill and sun bathe while they go off to snorkel. Yeah the cover sorta happens. Except on the cover they are scuba diving and Jessica is not there when this happens and you can't tell what it is because it's covered in barnacles. But I digress. Made of win ghostwriters/artists. They go to a shady part of the beach because they haven't dived their before and it's a dive. Lol. Lame jokes aside they dive and Elizabeth finds some stuff and among the stuff is; an old ceramic cup handle. a antique fishing rod handle, and a chain with something on it encrusted with barnacles. Wow like what could it be? Elizabeth sees a shipwreck. Admittedly bad ass. So then there is a riptide or some convenient crap and Elizabeth gets cranky that Jessica wandered away from her when they were diving. They get to the pier and they see a newly invented neighbor a neighbor that they totally always had. Could this plot contrivance be important later? I freaking think so. They agree not to tell their friends about the shipwreck. They go back and brag about going to the seedy pier. Steven and Joe have a flyer that advertises scuba lessons. All their parents agree to let them take lessons and rent scuba equipment. Except Lila whose father is going out of town for a few weeks so he buys her all of the stuff she needs including a purple wetsuit.

The next day the twins each get a spooky chain letter about how something needs to be returned to Carlotta (the writer of the letter). Like what? Oh yeah never mind.  So Jessica decides to send her letters out and Elizabeth decides not to. Jessica decides to send them to members of the Unicorn Club, because that's how you keep lifelong friends folks. Lila decides not to send hers out because her dad's secretary is on vacation. This will be important later but don't stress, the book reminds you like a thousand times. She sends them to Steven and Joe. Score! I'm sorry you will have to excuse me I'm a younger sibling so I'm all for revenge on older siblings, no matter how lame the revenge may be.

That night Elizabeth has a dream about Carlotta and her lover on the sinking ship. It's all sad and stuffs. Jessica is really sweet and wakes Elizabeth up from her nightmare. She is all creeped out by her nightmare and being in the dark and all. It's sad.

The next morning everyone is at the beach waiting for Joshua, he is late and everyone is getting impatient. So Elizabeth goes to the seedy pier to look for him at his shop BY HERSELF. I had to get through about thirty pages of how bad that pier is. So why is she wandering off by herself? Why do I continuously question this stuff? How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie pop? These and more next time on Sweet Valley Twins. I mean nothing. Anyways she goes over to the shack and knocks, no one answers so she goes over to the window and sees someone in a scuba suit with their back turned to her, she assumes it's Joshua goes inside. She taps him on the shoulder and he turns around, but theres no face in the mask, then it goes limp and falls on the floor. She is about to totally freak out when Joshua shows up at the door and asks if the group is ready

Next Jessica and Lila are chilling at Lila's house and Lila has quiet the run of bad luck, she breaks a nail really low where its still alive and all ouchy, she gets ink in her eye, she trips on her nightgown and rips it and falls on her face. She finally decides to send out the chain letters but doesn't want to write them so she decides to print them off the computer.  They mess it up and Lila gets in trouble because it emails the letter to EVERYONE involved with Fowler Enterprises or whatever. They make the computer with it's "electronic mail" sound very sci fy. Anyways now Lila is convinced that she is cursed. So she just writes out the letter and doesn't have any more bad luck. Yay the end! No wait theres other people besides Lila. Darn.

The next day they are all scuba diving and Elizabeth wants to go to shore so she goes to tell Joshua this and she again sees that he doesn't have a face. She screams and blacks out. Shes ok though and her parents take her home.  Lila comes over and trys to get Elizabeth to send out the letter but she won't. Elizabeth gets another letter and shes really starting to freak out. She accuses Steven and Jessica but remains unconvinced. That night Elizabeth has another dream and it seems that the watch person on the ship was slacking off and went to go do something and the ship crashed into a boulder or whatever. On a side note the word spooky is in this book like a million times. Grr.

Elizabeth and Steven are a little on the outs because of the whole Elizabeth freaking out and accusing Steven of sending the letters, but the writer makes Steven look like the bad guy. He didn't actually do anything though but ok, why am I complaining he's not my favorite.  Lila comes over and tells Elizabeth she should "audio mail" her letters by reading them on to tapes and mailing them. Lol. She gets the tape deck ready while Elizabeth unwraps the tape. They try to record but the tape screeches out "curse of Carlotta". Elizabeth is full convinced that Lila rigged the tape but then she remembers that she unwrapped it. She is all scared and mad so she smashes the tape with her foot and runs off to her room.

The next day they are all at the beach and Joshua is late so Joe goes to his shack to see if he is there. Theres a note on the door that something came up and he wont be there until after two and to meet him at the regular spot then. They all decide to have lunch early on the beach. Janet forgot her lunch so they all give her something from their lunches, Elizabeth gives her a sandwich and as she starts to unwrap it Steven freaks out and swats her arm and tells them all to jump back. They all see it was a scorpion on Janet's arm and it came from the wrapper on Elizabeth's sandwich. They decide it must have crawled in there because it was on it's side. Joshua finally gets there a little bit later and they all get ready to go scuba diving and Elizabeth is scared because the noise the wind is making is freaking her out so without saying anything she takes off running and Jessica runs after her but Elizabeth got a head start and Jessica misses the bus Elizabeth got on. Later when Jessica finally gets home Elizabeth tells her about the faceless Joshua. Jessica thinks she was hallucinating.  Suddenly the doorbell rings and it's a guy named John Filber, he works for a company associated with Fowler Enterprises so he got a copy of the chain letter and wants to meet them at the pier the next day to talk about the chain letter. Stupidly they agree.

The next day they go to meet him at the pier and he shows them something shiny in the water and says that his dad showed it to him and his dad showed it to him and so on, and that it has something to do with his family and that hes not supposed to go after it, because apparently anyone in his family who goes after it will be "cursed by Carlotta" . He creeps me out.

The next day the kiddos are having a beach bonfire and for whatever reason Joshua is there and he conveniently tells the story about Carlotta and Red Beard. They were in love and the guy who was supposed to be on the lookout was slacking and screwed it up for the lovebirds:(  What a jerkface.  It's also conveniently mentioned that they had a family locket that they took apart and they each wore half around there necks, and on the back of the locket is a map to some awesome treasure or whatever. Elizabeth goes to the library and as she is leaving is scared by Steven who is following her for her protection(I could be wrong but when your guarding someone you should probably tell them)he lets her know that John Filber has been following her.

Elizabeth gets another letter from Carlotta and it basically says not to be scared and that if she reunites the two pieces she will get a great treasure or whatever. Elizabeth finally figures out that under the barnacles she found it's half of the heart. Some detective.

So they go to the pier and get the shiny thing that we all know is the other half of the heart.  They get it out and John Filber shows up to steal it for the treasure map. It slips out of Elizabeth's hands in the struggle and it drops in the ocean and they run away. All is at peace now and what not. But there is no real resolution. Joshua is gone and maybe he was a ghost maybe not.

On a side note it's mentioned that Mr. Wakefield picked the kids up in the "family van"?? Since when do they have a van? I don't know maybe I'm just making stuff up and they always had a van.