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Friday, May 14, 2010

SV #85 Elizabeth the seventh-grader.......Wait what?

For no aparent reason a random Sweet Valley Twins recap. Sorry this is the best image Bing could come up with but you get the idea. So on to the recap.

While they are having dinner on Monday night Jessica asks Elizabeth if she wants to go to the mall later and Elizabeth is all distracted like and helpfully tells us that they are eating alone tonight because their parents are at a meeting with Elizabeth's teacher and they have no idea what it's about. Elizabeth is worried that she will get kicked out of school for failing everything. Well she's not Karen from Mean Girls so I'm guessing that wont happen.

If you haven't seen it she's a mouse. Or just slow depending on how your looking at it.

So Ned and Alice get home and tell Elizabeth that she's doing so well in school that her teachers suggest she skip a grade. Yeah that's right title has actual relevence to what happens in the book. So the next morning the twins chat as they walk to school. Jessica is upset that Tom McKay's party is only going to be for seventh and eighth graders. So basically she's just mad she didn't get invited.

That night at dinner Elizabeth tells Steven and Jessica that she is going to be in the seventh grade. Jessica is all upset that she can't cheat off Elizabeth anymore they won't be able to ''study'' together anymore. Later Steven tells Jessica to pretend she thinks it's great so Elizabeth will realize by herself that it sucks. Ok then.

Elizabeth tells Amy about moving to seventh grade. Amy is excited for her but she will miss her. Elizabeth can't work on the sixth grade paper anymore so Amy is elected the editor. I'm not sure Amy can tie her shoes by herself.....so is this really a good idea? She also wont be able to go on the sixth grade camping trip. Jessica hangs out with Elizabeth's friends to plan the trip and to annoy her.

Elizabeth has alot of seventh grade work to catch up on and stuff so she really busy but  manages to do really well with her school work. She tries really hard to fit into the social scene but you can tell the other girls arnt buying it. Everyone keeps talking about Tom McKay's up coming party and Jessica and Steven really try to psych her out about how ''wild''  seventh grade parties are. I wasn't popular in school so I don't really know but I'm pretty sure it will be lame and a  half.

So she goes to the party all psyched out about how crazy it will be and it's pretty lame. They play spin the bottle and Elizabeth doesn't understand the game and she has to go first and when she learns she has to kiss Bruce she wants to leave and her friend Mary I think helps to bail her out saying they have to leave.

Elizabeth tells Jessica that the party was great but later Jessica finds out what happened. The next day at school some of the girls from the party tell Elizabeth that since she didn't kiss Bruce at the party she has to kiss Bruce at school in front of everyone on Friday.

Elizabeth gets crazy psyched out about it and she almost kisses him but then doesn't. Jessica leaves for the camping trip and Elizabeth plans on moping around the house until Alice asks her to run an errand. Surprise they get to the camping spot and they all welcome Elizabeth back to sixth grade. Alice and Elizabeth's teacher tell her that they didn't realize she was not fitting in socially. Everyone is happy and all is well.

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