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Sunday, March 28, 2010

SVU #6 The love of her life

Elizabeth and Tom everyone....

I have returned. So....insert excuse. So here is some randomly generated(totally made up) excuses of why I've been gone, not that too many people read this. Ok here it goes.
1. My husband had to go and have a tooth abesess then get it pulled, and yours truly took care of him.
2. I've discovered public transportation. And been all over town and still did nothing.
3. I've been partying and doing other fun stuff.
4. I'm growing out my hair and it takes a lot of time. Seriously. Kinda.
5. I've been planning my second honeymoon.

Ok so all of those but number three are true. But whatever. On to the book.

So we finally find out who got shot. But not yet. We get a helpful recap of the end of the last book basically. Then a few scenes later we learn that it was Mike that got shot.

Cut to Elizabeth and William, we get yet another recap of the last scene of the last book where Elizabeth finds the secret society book, William tells her that it's his honor student log for meeting times but the attack is in the schedule. She goes to put it back and a silver bookmark with a broken star falls out. In case your not smarter than a fifth grader, it's William. Yep. I'm not doubting your intelligence, I'm just saying we have to hear how Liz is the smart twin all the time yet she just figured it out.

I'm going to just brief you on the Todd plot now,  because it's drug out and lame. He and Mark Gathers finally meet with the dean and Mark is just done at SVU and leaves Alex to go find himself or whatever. Todd can't play with the team this year but he can practice with the team and play next year. The university isn't going to do anything about the people from SVU who gave them the bribes so Liz says she will help him with that. Todd becomes infatuated with Elizabeth again. Oh Todd. I'm not going to lie, when I was younger reading these books I thought Todd was soo cool. Now he's just really annoying to me. Especially in the university ones.

So remember from the last one that Denise Waters and Winston went to the ball? So now they kiss and are all cute. It's really sweet. Winston is all nervous about losing his virginity. Denise is really sweet about it and tells him they should just take things slow. Take some notes Todd! Hey I don't see you writing anything! Get to work Todd!

Steven is in jail and he doesn't know who actually pulled the trigger. They get him out and many prison jokes insue. Mike is in intensive care and occasionally wakes to ask for Jessica, they don't know if he will make it or not. Jessica won't go to see Mike even after his mother calls her and she promises. She basically just decides to go through the motions of life. Pretty normal for someone going through trauma but they make it sound really creepy.

William spent the whole night with Celine in their room waiting for Elizabeth. She comes home and sees them together and thinks that they are dating or whatever. William tries to convince Elizabeth that Tom is the leader and he is not involved at all. Yeah um, William, that ship freaking sailed a long time ago.  Elizabeth and Tom apparently have a death wish and they decide to do a segment the same day on the secret society, using Tom's experience as the high light. This is not smart. I think I need a new tag...''This is where normal people would die''. William threatens them to shut up about the secret society stuff. He doesn't yet know that they are doing a piece on it(this will be important later), and somehow them being threatened makes them want to do the piece more.

Jessica goes to see Mike. She decides she should stay with him because he is her husband. Yeah...um...ok.....whatever Jessica. I'm not even gonna go off on you.  Mike tells her that the shooting was his fault and that he was the one that pulled the trigger. He also says that he will tell the judge that. The doctors tell Jessica that he will probably be ok but he might not ever walk again. When we get past the filler parts Mike doesn't hold his end of the bargain, but then Jessica yells at him in front of the whole courtroom, so he tells the judge it was him. The sentence for some odd reason is that Steven has to help take care of Mike for like six months.

I'm not going to lie, like half of this book is boring filler. So here is the rest Elizabeth gets adult-napped by the secret society and Celine. Tom figures out where they are and kinda saves her but it's mostly Celine who suddenly gets a moral and saves her. Don't worry, it's not as exciting as it sounds. Also we learn that Lila is enjoying married life but she spends alot of time alone when her husband is away and she gets lonely.

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