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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SVH #125 Camp Killer

Theres a book that  goes in the middle but I dont have it, as per usual it gives us a recap. The guy Jessica likes is a jerkface but she still likes him and Nicole and Joey were hanging out but now Joey is back to cheating with Elizabeth. Seriously thats it. Anyway Joey retells the camp legend the only part thats different is that after the story ended there were a series of murdered hikers in the woods by the woodsmans house and now sometimes you can still here the woodsman chopping wood. Nicole sets out to be a jerkface scare Elizabeth by making her think the woodsman super hiker killer is out there chopping wood and waiting to kill her. A bunch of boring camp themed shannaigans happen then Jessica and one of her campers get kidnapped by a escaped killer but not the one from the legend. I know right? Anyways the kids all decide to go save them and screw it up but it works out as usual. I remeber loving this book but now I realize it's like 90% filler. Next up Jessica dates a vampire. Seriously.

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