Sweet Valley University Recaps

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sweet Valley series: When does this madness end?

I thought it might to nice to fill everyone in on the different series that ruined our childhood. I meant made our intelligence thrive. Really I did. Sorta. So here it goes that madness of Sweet Valley. This is in chronological order not publication date.

Sweet Valley Kids
This takes place when the twins are eight years old. Our perfect princess Lila is a bedwetter. Seriously yeah right. I never got too into these because I was way to old for them when I discovered them.

Welcome to Sweet Valley
This was advertised in the back of and SVK book but never happened. Why you may ask? Well I don't really know but it sounds pretty lame.

Sweet Valley Twins
Sometimes also called Sweet valley Twins and Friends. I have no idea why because it didn't start like that but was called that for a while and went back to just Twins a little later. It was mostly about the twins anyways. Why try to fool us loyal readers? The twins are in sixth grade and twelve years old. I loved these books! I think I may recap these eventually. They are made of win! I especially love the ever-illogical Super Thrillers.

Team Sweet Valley
This spanned two books and was about the twins on sports teams. Tre boring.

The Unicorns
The twins are now both unicorns and in seventh grade.

Sweet Valley Junior High
The twins are in eighth grade at a new school. Written in a new diary form told by different characters throughout each book.

Sweet Valley High
The twins are sixteen and Juniors in high school. This is just messed up because if the are twelve in sixth grade they should be seventeen in eleventh grade. I always thought this had to do with when their birthday is but it does not, in one of the last SVH books it says their birthday is June thirteenth(two days from mine btw). Features Super Editions, Super Thrillers, Magna Editions, and Super Stars(a story form which highlighted a specific character other than the twins).

Sweet Valley High Senior Year
This takes place after the earth quake when many student from El Carro high school are transfered to Sweet Valley High. Also told in first person diary form.

Sweet Valley University
The twins somehow found their way to college!

Elizabeth is in London working as a maid. No really she is.

Sweet Valley Confedintial
A to-be released series chronicling the live of the twins and there friends in their late twenties.


  1. I loved reading sweet valley junior high and sweet valley senior year when i was in high school. so many good times. i can't wait for sweet valley confedintial but i'm hoping that it's just as good.

  2. All the memories that go along with it are the best! I hope SVC lives up to the hype. I think it would be cool if it was a series of like 5 books. Thanks for the comment btw.