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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Valley Confidential

Sweet Valley Confidential is unofficially set to be out February 2011. It may be turned into a series depending on readership!

For those of you who have not heard about it before Sweet Valley Confidential is about Elizabeth and Jessica in their twenties living in a gated community.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweet Valley University Characters

Hi I thought it would out line who the charters are to make it easier for everyone. This contains NO spoilers:) It's just a general character discription. I hope it helps.

Jessica Wakefield- She is Elizabeth's twin. She is fun, out going, boy crazy and frankly a little shallow

Elizabeth Wakefield- She is Jessica's twin. She is quiet and studious.

Tom Watts- He used to be "Wildman Watts" a hunky football player, but something stopped him from playing and now he focuses on school and working at the university TV station.

Todd Wilkins- Was Elizabeth's high school boyfriend. He is on the basketball team and is a major jock.

Nina Harper- She is a very studious girl who wares her long brown hair in braids with beads at the end.

Alexandra Rollins- Went to high school with the twins and used to be called Enid. When she got to college she decided to change her image and go by her middle name and pledge Theta Alpha Theta.

Winston Egbert- He accidentally got put in an all girls dorm. He is very funny and a nerd.

Celine Boudreaux- Elizabeth's roommate. She is from the south and smokes alot. She constantly tells us about her granny. She is not very nice.

Danny Wyatt- Tom Watts roommate. He hates fighting because of something in his past.

Peter Wilbourne III- President of the Sigmas. He hates Danny because he was always in competition with him and Danny always won. He is rumored to be the leader of an underground secret white supremacist society.

Lila Fowler- Rich beautiful and Jessica's best friend.

Isabella Ricci- Jessica's roommate and new friend at college.

Denise Waters- A Theta girl who is Jessica's friend.

Nick Fox- A new mysterious student.

Dana Upsaw- The standard 'good time girl'.

Steven Wakefield- The twin's older brother who also goes to SVU and lives off campus with his girlfriend Billie Winkler.

Billie Winkler- Steven's girlfriend.

William White- A mysterious student who Celine likes.

Mike McAllery- A bad boy Jessica likes

Thursday, January 7, 2010

SVU #2 Love, lies, and Jessica Wakefield

It's Friday night and Isabella and Jessica are home. Isabella goes out but Jess stays in because she is afraid Mike might call or come by when she is not there.

Elizabeth is going to the library. She recaps that she is on a diet. Her diet book says she is not losing weight yet because she is on a 'plateau'. She is hungry all the time and frustrated at how even pictures of food make her hungry. As shes walking to the library she sees Alex with a super huge burrito. Dun Dun Dun. She starts talking to Liz and we learn it's a jumbo chicken burrito. With guacamole. And sour cream. And salsa. And melted cheese. Now I'm really hungry. Thanks a lot Sweet valley! Elizabeth goes to the library and is studying. William comes up and gives her a rose and disappears.

Danny and Tom chatting about how Tom thinks all the stuff that happened at the Halloween dance was the sigmas doing. He also tells Danny about a letter he stumbled upon that says that the co-captian of the basketball team owed the school five-thousand dollars for his tuition but then he didn't have to pay it. He also found a grade sheet for the quarterback of the football team, there is another copy of it where his grades are much better and the sheets are for the same semester. Can you say jocks are treated special?

Jessica goes to Elizabeth's dorm so they can go to the Theta tea party. Aren't you excited? Tea! Elizabeth is not ready so Jessica picks her out an out fit it doesn't fit anymore. Jessica thinks she looks like a sausage. No really she thinks that. They go to the tea and Allison Quinn is a jerk to Elizabeth. She leaves early and Jessica is mad about it. Liz is upset about what happened with Todd and asks herself why she didn't just sleep with him. She says to herself she feels ready now. You have cried in every scene in this entire book. Trust me it's not a good time. Liz is running to her room thinking about cheddar cheese potato chips when Tom stops her and tells her about the stuff he found about the sports teams.

Allison stops by Jessica's and basically says 'Get Elizabeth to go out with Peter and apologize and we will pledge both of you, but if she doesn't there is no way your getting in. Okay?'. Jessica ditches out on her friends to go out with Mike. They go to his house. It's in the same building Steven lives in. They make out and fall asleep while watching a movie. The next morning Mike is taking Jessica to school and just as they are leaving they run into Steven. They do that guy thing where one says that they could so take the other but they wont, then the other guy says the same thing.

Elizabeth is trying to find a healthy snack in a vending machine(Ha that is so going to happen)when she is helpfully told by Nina how many women are on a diet at any given time(3 out of 6 if you care). The go out to the campus coffee house to split a salad. Liz spills to Nina all about what happened with Todd. Nina advises Liz to talk to Todd about how she is feeling. Liz does so and she finds Todd with Lauren and it's pretty obvious the just had sex.

Winston spends a lot of the book hiding from his Sigma friends because they keep bugging him to hook them up with the girls from his dorm. One of the guys even want him to set him up with the girl Winston likes.
Winston is in the common room trying to make a cup noodles like dinner thing. It's not going well. Then Denise(the Theta he has a crush on) comes in and whines she has cramps and is hungry. He offers to share him noodle thing and she thinks it's really sweet. This is why we love Winston. The girls are all mad that because Winston is the sigma's friend they think they can use Winston to get dates with the girls. The secret plan is that they all lead the Sigmas on and imply that they will go to the Homecoming dance with them, then at the last minute say that they already have dates.
We don't lean in this book how this works out but Winston and Denise stay home from the dance and end up eating junk food, drinking soda, and watching horror movies. Winston is so cool.

Jessica goes to get breakfast to discover an article about condoms taped to the fridge. She fights with Isabella about it and she give Jessica a package of condoms. Then Jessica fights with Liz about it. She goes to meet Mike for dinner and she sleeps with him.

Elizabeth goes to have lunch with Enid/Alex and she mentions that her athlete boyfriend is getting a new car, is taking her out to dinner at an insanely expensive restaurant and he doesn't have to study, he just gets perfect grades. She goes to tell this to Tom and they realise that Todd will be implicated and she goes to tell Todd and he just gets mad she thinks he would do that. Jessica tells Liz that she is supposed to go out with Peter and she refuses. So Jessica pretends to be Elizabeth and goes out with Peter. Without telling Liz. Meanwhile Tom has written Liz a poem and not signed it, she love it. He sees Jessica pretending to be Liz and thinks he doesn't like her.

Jessica sees Mike with a few different woman so she freaks out and stuff but then it's all explainable. It's pretty boring so I'm going to spare you. They make up. They go to the homecoming dance together. They finally say they love each other. Liz finds out Jessica pretended to be her so she goes to the dance to yell at her. She misses her though. Mike asks Jessica to move in with him and she says yes.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

SVU #1 College Girls

So the book starts off with Liz and Todd on their last date before college. It's pretty boring. We basically get a recap that says that college is starting soon for them.

Next Jess, Liz, Enid, and Mrs. Wakefield are in the kitchen talking about how great college is going to be and Enid says she wants to change her image-and her name to Alexandra(her middle name). Liz thinks this is pretty weird and it makes her angry that Enid wants to change. They also talk about sororities. Jess and Enid want to pledge Theta Alpha Theta which is Mrs. Wakefield's old sorority. Liz is all proud that her mom was president and brags to Enid about it.

Then we skip to Jessica packing copious amounts of stuff. She gives Liz a lecture about how even though they are rooming together Liz can't try to control her and act like their mother. This might be because I've read about a thousand of these books but I don't see Liz not acting like a mom anytime soon. But alas it's a book, so it does not have to conform to reality. Liz freaks out that the room will be a mess like Jess's room is at home. They have a petty fight.

For some reason Jess, Liz, Todd, Enid, and Winston carpool to SVU and their parents drive their cars to the school. This really doesn't make sense to me because how would the parents get home? But again it's a book.

They get to school and it's super awesome. Todd goes to his dorm and is all swept off his feet by how cool the jocks are. Jess goes to explore. Enid goes to her dorm. Winston goes to his only to find out that they spelled his name wrong and thought he was a girl because they put 'Winnie' so he is in an all girls dorm and cannot be put in another because all the coed and male dorms are full. I really don't see this happening, I see a male single being made into a cramped double.

Liz and Enid/Alexandra meet up in the snack room? Anyways they meet up like they planned and Liz whines to Enid/Alexandra about the fight she had with Jess. Enid/Alexandra gets angry that Liz is always whining to her and never listening to what she says. They argue and Enid/Alexandra leaves.

Todd talks about how the jocks are so cool and he decides to go out with them for Cajun food and ditch out on Liz when he was supposed to meet her.

Jessica meets a girl named Isabella Ricci and she is said to be a Lila-lite. We are told that Lila is still in Europe and has only sent a postcard that says something along the lines of "Slight delay I will call soon". So Jess and Isabella talk about a guy they see come into the coffee shop they are at. Isabella says he is really awesome and president of the Sigmas(The big frat on campus) and his name is Peter Willborne the third. He comes over and is just a jerk so naturally Jess is charmed. He asks her to the Theta/Sigma rush dance but Jess says she already has a date, he says to ditch him and is a jerk. Jess says no. He leave and Isabella says she shouldn't have done that and asks who her date is and Jess says it's Danny Wyatt and Isabella freaks out and says that is really a bad idea because Peter is a racist and that he also hates Danny because they used to always be in competition and Danny always won. Also she says that he is like maybe the leader of a secret society and he is really controlling and she should really be careful. I don't like this Isabella girl because she is trying to be Lila and also she thinks Peter is great but also knows he is dangerous and not a good person.

Elizabeth is alone in her room waiting for Todd to pick her up even though they did not arrange to meet or anything. She is really lonely and it's really sad. She falls asleep and has a dream about Jessica not letting her in their dorm. In the morning Jess and Liz fight about Jess not taking time to set up the room and put her clothes away.

Meanwhile Winston is feeling really uncomfortable about living with a whole bunch of women. Most men would love to live in a house of women, but this is why we love Winston. He is adorable. I like to think of my husband as Winston Eggbert crossed with Tom Watts(if my husband was in these books).

Elizabeth is meeting Todd for breakfast and after that they are registering for their classes. But Todd is late so Liz decides to get some food for him too because they will be closing the kitchen part soon. Elizabeth waits for him and thinks about how things used to be totally different and how much has changed in three weeks. Todd is always blowing her off for jock stuff and she and Jessica are always fighting and now Enid/Alexandra are not speaking to each other. Todd finally shows up and says that he all ready registered and everything. Because he is a jock and he can do stuff like that. Jerk. He is all 'Okay I just got here but lets go. Okay?'So Liz said she got some food for him and he is all confused because there is nothing on her plate. Elizabeth chalks it up to not realizing how hungry she was.

Jessica wakes up and goes on and on about how great yesterday was. The day sounds pretty boring so I'll spare you the details, basically Jess hung out with some people she knows from school. She is mad at Liz for always keeping her side of the room perfect and making hers look bad by comparison. She freaks out because she can't find a bra to match her outfit. So naturally she steals one from Liz along with panties to match and leave the drawer open so Liz's side is not so perfect. Jess meets up with Isabella and Denise Waters(a theta girl) and whines about how much it sucks to live with Liz. Isabella says Jess should move in with her and she agrees.

Liz comes back to the dorm to find Jessica moving out. She tries to tag along with Jess to some girls party and Jess tells her she was not invited. Jess leaves. Liz cries.

Liz vents to Enid about it and says it's okay though because now they can room together and Enid/Alexandra says no way. They go to check out the sororities with all the other may by pledges. They go to the Phi beta phi's and Liz thinks they are cool and the theta's are snobs. Jess freaks out because she likes them and they are the sorority that their mom was the president of.

Later Jessica is driving and daydreaming. A dangerous combo as she hits another car. The guy is super mad and super hunky and he acts like a jerk. Jess likes him.

Winston is at a sigma party and some of the girls from his dorm show up so he sneaks out so they wont blow his cover.

Liz is eating potato chips and being bored at the theta house dance. She just feel awkward and Alexandra says she wants to pledge them. She wonders what Todd is doing and she wonders if it's worth him being super jock if they never see each other.

Jessica is dancing with Danny and Peter comes up and asks her to dance and she says next song because she is dancing with Danny. Peter freaks out and starts being mean to Danny and basically trying to start a fight. Danny wont fight him and Tom Watts steps in and is like 'fight me or shut up' and so Peter backs down. Then they start to leave and Liz comes up and yells at Peter. Tom sees Liz yell at Peter and is really fascinated by her.

Liz goes to meet Todd at a coffee house as they planned but he doesn't let her get a word in about what just happened. They go to Todd's room so Liz can see it. He tries to put the moves on her and she says no. Todd gets all cranky and walks her to her room.

Liz goes to meet Alexandra to have breakfast she wants to talk to her about Todd's jerkyness. She is waiting for Alex when she hears some people talking about how she should not have yelled at Peter and how she needs protecting from him now. Alex gets there and tells Liz she spent the night at a boys dorm room and how she is totally in love. Liz freaks out because she thinks this means Alex had sex and Alex is cranky that Liz can't just be happy for her. She says they didn't sleep together though and she leaves.

Danny thanks Tom for stepping in the night before and we learn that there is a reason Danny won't fight. We don't learn what it is but we know there is a reason.

Todd takes a shower and wonders why Liz is mad at him. Todd could not find his way out of a paper bag.

Jessica get back to her dorm after class and the guy whose car she hit has broken in and is chilling on her couch. For some reason she is not freaked out. He leaves a magazine there and she finds a card in it that says his name. Mike McAllery.

Todd ditches Liz at lunch and she finds comfort in food. She finishes and goes back to her room to find her new roommate Celine. She is from the south and smokes and is basically a white trash sterotype. She costantlly talks about her granny all the time.

Next for some reason it skips back a scene where Celine goes through all of Liz's stuff. She is surprised she doesn't find any love letters or any form of birth control. She is surprised at how prudent Liz's pajamas are.

Celine is really rude and mean to Liz. She cons some guy into doing her homework for her. She sees Todd who she recognizes from a picture that Liz has. She basically sneakily puts the idea in Todd's head that Liz never makes time for him and she always out having fun without him.

This psychic predicted that a pretty blonde girl is going to be murdering at the Halloween dance at SVU. Jess discuses it with Isabella and Jess tells her about Mike and Isabella knows who he is and says he is bad news. Isabella sets her up on a date with her friend Mark Gathers.

Some sigmas pick on Liz and threaten her and Tom steps in. We learn that Tom used to play football and be all wild and stuff but something happened and now he just concentrates on school and working at the campus TV station.

Winston is hanging out with some of his sigma friends and some of the girls from him dorm come up and again almost blow his cover. These girls should be detectives with all that stealth they are packing around.

Jessica goes on the date with Mark and she is distracted and they both admit to being interested in other people. Mike is there so Jess goes to talk to him. He is still a jerk.

Tom learns that the campus TV station is getting a freshman to help out and this makes him cranky. He talks to Danny and we finally learn why Danny won't fight. His brother was a fighter and her fought with a guy over a parking space and he got stabbed and now he is in a wheelchair and will never be able to walk again.

Liz comes home from the library and is relived that Celine is still out. Liz goes to sleep and is awakened to Celine dry humping some guy and she won't make him leave so Liz leaves and decides to go to Enid's dorm then she remembers that they are not talking and she can't go to Todd because they are fighting. And Jess is out of the question, so she goes to her brother Steven's apartment where he lives with his girlfriend Billi. They make tea and talk and Liz feels better and she goes home.

The next day Liz is at the library and she talks about the regulars who study there. This includes Nina Harper, Tom Watts and a boy who stares at her and has shockingly blue eyes. Liz does not know that this is William White and Celine keeps trying to get in his pants but he doesn't like her and just uses her because she rooms with Liz.

There is a football game and Jess sees Mike there. Todd gets hit on by Celine.

Later Liz and Todd are out on a date and they break up.

Jess is sewing her Halloween costume and she gets a call from Steven and he says he saw her with Mike at the football game and to stay away from him. She gets mad that he is telling her what to do and she hangs up.

Tom is working on some lame documentary about the psychic prediction about the blonde girl being murdered the night of the dance. He thinks it's just a rumor started by the sigmas. Liz comes in and she is the new freshman intern person.

Elizabeth is all in a good mood about working at the TV station and how fun it is. She get a package from her mom and she opens it. It's her gypsy Halloween costume from last year that she asked her mom to send her for the dance. She is surprised that is doesn't fit. She freaks out and decides to go on a diet.

The girls from Winston's dorm help him dress as Shirley Temple for the dance.

Jessica gets a call from Lila saying she got married and she is leaving Italy for their honeymoon in Paris. Jessica is shocked and decides she has to get Mike.

At the dance Tom is sneaking around trying to protect Elizabeth because he is sure that she is the pretty blonde who the psychic said would be murdered. Elizabeth is dressed as justice, she is waring a cardboard scale. All the sigmas are dressed as skeletons. The lights start going on and off and some of the sigmas are seen leaving. One of the girls from Winston's dorm accidently rats him out about living in a girls dorm. Now all the guy are jealous he get to be around all those girls. Jessica's date tries to rape her but Danny gets him to leave her alone, the sigmas show up and try to get Danny to back down, they hit Danny. Tom shows up and Danny punches Jessica's date back he falls on his bum and the sigmas back down. Jessica runs away to go back to her dorm. When she gets outside she thinks she hears whispering. She keeps running until she hears it again. It keeps saying 'Elizabeth' Before she can scream she get choked by the person. Elizabeth sees Todd kissing a girl named Lauren Hill. Liz leaves and Tom tries to get her to let him walk her home but she runs away. When she gets home there is some russling in the bushes and she thinks Tom followed her home to protect her.Jessica wakes up to Mike rescuing her from her attacker and he kisses her


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