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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SVU #5 A married woman

See how different they are yet the same, see one wares sleeves.

So we left off with Mike having freaked out and trashed the apartment and Elizabeth trying to get Jessica to leave with her, and Jessica finally telling Liz that she got married. So the book starts out with Elizabeth being a good sister and having stayed with Jessica and is now making her coffee. She again tries to talk Jessica into leaving with her. She refuses and says that she has to solve it herself. I would be concerned that the next time Jessica left the apartment would be in a body bag, but you can't help someone who doesn't want help.

Winston, Denise, and Winston's parents are all out having lunch at the resturant that Jessica works at(she called in sick). It's really quiet awkward with Denise pretending to be his girlfriend and his parents asking about when Denise wants to have children, Winston's mom kindly tells us that it's never too early to start talking about it because it can sneak up on you, also that Winston snuck up on them. Charming. I would love to see this woman at a dinner party. Hee.

Jessica is calling in sick and she gets fired, then to top off this great morning Mike comes back and begs Jessica to take him back. First there was Team Edward, then Team Jacob, now Team Hate Mike. Should we make it H8 Mike?

Elizabeth and Nina are having breakfast in Nina's room and Elizabeth tells her about Jessica getting married.

Jessica is making Mike breakfast and listening to a radio show about how to make your marriage work. Mike comes in and says that they should have Elizabeth and Steven over for dinner.

Tom had gone to Elizabeth's dorm for something the night that she was with Jessica and when he got there Celine said she must still be out with William. Tom is worried the secret society has gotten too her and wants to make sure that she is ok. He keeps trying to find her but keeps missing her but a few minutes. It's kinda sweet, a little obsessed.

Jessica is in the car that Mike is working on and she is pretending to be reading cooking magazines to pick a menu for when Elizabeth and Steven come over for dinner, but really she is reading women's magazines for advice on how to make things good with Mike.

Elizabeth is having lunch with Nina and Bryan and they talk about the attack and Elizabeth tells them that she thinks Mike is the leader of the secret society. Because that is the most logical person it could be. She catches Tom's glance across the room. He is sitting with Celine and she is mad that William is staring at Elizabeth. Celine makes it sound like Elizabeth is out having fun all the time. William goes over and sits and talks with Elizabeth, Nina, and Bryan. Then Tom comes up and Elizabeth asks if he wants to sit down. William basically says not too because Tom must be busy. William = Mr.Rude. Tom says that he probably should be going and that he will talk to her later.

William and Elizabeth go out on a date for Italian food. Elizabeth shares her theory about Mike being the head of the secret society and William thinks that it's plausable. After their date Elizabeth goes to Tom's dorm and Isabella opens the door. She invite Elizabeth in and explains that Danny just stepped out to get pizza and that she is welcome to join them and wait for Tom. She comes in just to write him a not and Isabella mentions something about how Tom used to be and how mysterious he is. This gives Elizabeth an idea and she starts to go through the micro filch at the library and learns that Tom used to be a wild football player and that was totally self obsorbed.

Steven is out somewhere when he sees Mike and decides to follow him? Hopefully to a psych ward. He follows him and Mike sees him without realizing that he was following him. Mike says he didn't have to go all the way down there just to say that they can come to dinner on Friday. Steven says that even if he was invited he would not come.

Mike is mad that Steven wasn't invited and that he still doesn't know that they are married. So Jessica actually invites Elizabeth over.

Elizabeth tells Tom all about her theory that Mike is the leader of the secret society. Tom doesn't think that he is, so Elizabeth invites him to dinner at Jessica and Mike's and says that that way he will see how Mike is.

Mike takes Jessica out to a fancy resturant and she feels bad because she thinks he feels more comfortable in a diner. He order a beer and when they bring it to him he asks the mean waiter to take it back because he doesn't drink beer from a glass.

Tom is chilling with Danny at the campus cafeteria when Celine comes over to him. I find Celine an unlikely character to incounter in real life because someone would have already killed her. No way she would live to eighteen or however old she is supposed to be. Tom want info about the secret society from her so the hang out. He actually gets some useful info out of her.

Winston and Elizabeth hang out at lunch and they talk about Winston asking out Denise. Later he is practicing what to say and Denise knocks on the door and asks him to the upccoming whatever ball. Nifty shifty.

Jessica is at the store and buys a whole bunch of stuff for the dinner party, then gets home and we have a charming scene detailing how Jessica can just not cook. Like not at all. She sets the chicken on fire and Mike gets home just then and helps her put out the fire. They call a Tex-Mex place and lie about it. Hee.

The dinner party is great and all goes well. Mike is dare I say it? Nice. He and Tom bond quiet a bit and have a common interest in jazz music and motor cycles. Lame sauce. I wanted Tom to be in our H8T Mike club!

Todd talks with Elizabeth about how he is not mad at her for the sports scandal and how he needs help because they are only investigating him and Mark and no one else is going down with them. Lol. He is soo going to get beat up.

Elizabeth comes home to Tom in her room and Celine is gone. He shows her the broken star ring and she thinks he is telling her that he is the leader of the secret society. Where would she get an idea like that? Not from someone who has told you he is for the last four books! Anyways he explains that he is not the leader but back when he was Wildman Watts he used to be a member. Elizabeth goes to the ball with William. Tom figures out that it's William. Yes I said it it's William. Seriously it's written really obviously. Like so obvious this book could be called 'You can skip this one it's William and Jessica's husband is a jerk'. By the time Tom figures it out Elizabeth is with William at his house and finds a secret society book

Jessica and Mike are coming home and they are in the parking lot of their apartment and Steven sees them and they all are arguing. Mike says something about Jessica being his wife and she runs off. She goes and spends the night at Isabella's dorm. She makes up with Mike and goes back to him. Jessica later finds a gun in Mike stuff and realizes she doesn't really know him and she doesn't want to be with him. As she is leaving him to tries to make her stay by grabbing her and she gets to Steven's apartment and Mike shows up a second later with the gun. For a second I wondered why she didn't take the bullets when she found the gun but then I remembered that she would probably accidentily shoot herself when she tried to take the clip out. Steven and Mike struggle over the gun and a shot is fired. Billie dials 911 and thats the end. Next recap up soon:)

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