Sweet Valley University Recaps

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thriller Edition like three or something...Running for her life

I return......

I'm sorry but Elizabeth looks like shes gonna throw up....this should be good.

So Elizabeth and Tom are at the movies and they helpfully tell us all about Julia Reynolds and Matt Barron......yeah that does not sound familiar right?!? Anyways they are getting married next week and when they are on the set and she has to do a scene where she jumps from a window onto a blow up mattress thing. But something has to happen so she jumps before it's ready and dies. We get all these stupid scenes from the hitmans point of view. Jessica is devastated about Julias death. It's weird to me how obsessed she gets about it but people do get that way. Anyways she is talking to Elizabeth about how she knows it wasn't a suicide, I would normally call shenanigans but we heard it from the hitman so whatev, anyways Elizabeth comes up with this stupid theory about how its all a big lie and basically lucks out with knowing EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED, WITHOUT BEING THERE. HOW FREAKING CONVENIENT. Lame sauce. So she uses it for a paper for school and the teacher likes it and has a friend at a magazine and convenient stuff so they want to publish it. Elizabeth goes to see her and on her way in she see a package left outside her door and so she brings it in. Suprize it's a freaking bomb. The teacher dies but Elizabeth is just freaking fine. Elizabeth is all sad and at the police office she tells the officer about her paper and says she thinks the teacher was killed for it. The cop seriously laughs at  her. Jerkface! I don't like her either but at least I just put mean stuff about her on the internets and not say it to her face! HA! As you maaayyyy or may not have noticed.......I've had some sugar. Anyways then the chick from the magazine that was going to publish Elizabeth's paper gets shot and killed. We already know that the hitman is the one who killed her. The hitman is ordered to kill Elizabeth and instead he almost kills Jess so they go on the run from him. Wait could they/she be Running for her life? Yeah I went they and they actually said the title in the book too...........So that's why I have to be Superman 4: the quest for peace, Family guy for the win. Anyway Matt Baron teams up with them to catch this guy and they find out that the next target is going to be this girl who left the film company for another one. Seriously thats why he's killing them all, because they left for a rival company. Okay then, Jess gets a job as an extra on the set and is out to warn her but the girl gets Jess thrown off the set because she is too pretty and will upstage her. Seriously. So she doesn't get to warn her. Later she gets killed. Lame. The next one is supposed to be a actor when he is accepting his reward at an event. Lame they save him and the guy gets caught. Matt has fallen in love with Jess even though his fiance died like a week ago.........I don't really like him. He decides to quit acting and like travel or whatev. Now how lame was that?!? Glad to be back SVU