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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Super Thriller #11 "R" for Revenge

This book is actually not terrible so I thought I might shake things up a bit and do a short short recap then some quotes. Enjoy.

Sorry the covers look a little messed up, I don't have a camera so I use google images.

Inside flap.

 So basically there is this crazy lady who got tormented by cheerleaders when she was in school in the 70s so she kidnaps and tries to kill the current cheerleaders. "M" for misplaced anger much? Side note Lila is a fill in cheerleader. Don't worry I know what your thinking she also expresses that shes a little too sophisticated to be a cheerleader. I know it's true because I was a cheerleader. Yeah I lie about that sometimes. By sometimes I mean alot. Lol on to the quotes.

"After all, Paula Abdul had started as a cheerleader." Jessica page 57

And look where it got her, washing down Valium with fifth of vodka.

"A song she didn't recognize erupted into the basement in a blast of guitars. "Welcome to my nightmare, " howled the lead singer" Jessica page 188

Ouch! Don't reference Alice Cooper and mess it up. What "Blast" of guitars? It's light and sweet in this one. See below.

The psycho killer lady in this book was in school in the 70s when she was tormented by the cheerleaders so when she kidnaps them she uses her favorite old songs to drown out the noise of the cheerleaders being prisoners in her basement, therefore there is a lot of music references.  I think they just googled 'music of the 70s' and added random songs. I'm not trying to be mean but it's really quite amusing. This song is too slow and quiet to drown out the noise. I can't find a louder or faster version of it either so one point for this Alice Cooper fanatic.

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